Energy Saving LED Lights

Vanguard’s goal is to save our customers energy, equaling bottom line dollars through LED lighting, also known as Solid State Lighting (SSL)  — the wave of the future. Vanguard specified LED lamps and lighting systems achieve superior performance and efficiency through advanced technologies, proprietary design and thermal management, ensuring reliability and longevity of our specified manufacturers’ line of products. Their products provide a wide range of color temperatures, matching the light quality and brightness of conventional lighting, without burdening the environment and our future with hazardous materials and unnecessary emissions.

LED Lights Consume 90% Less Energy

LED Lights have been designed for use in commercial, hospitality, retail, street and outdoor applications. LED Lights consume up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting and provide at least 25,000-100,000+ (depending on application) hours of operation. Vanguard specified LED Lights use industry leading semi-conductor chips, and drivers, and are virtually unbreakable and shock resistant, resulting in significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance and recycling costs. Vanguard specified LED Lights protect us and our surroundings by eliminating the damaging UV and IR radiation associated with traditional lighting. There is no warm-up time, with instant-on full light output; no flickering and constant, stable color. Designed with dimming capabilities and able to fit into standard fixtures, we have simplified the migration to LED lighting. The majority of Vanguard LED Lights are Energy Star or on Design Lights™ Consortium Qualified Products List.* * “The primary reference tool for SSLs is ENERGY STAR, however the regional list fills in gaps in categories which ENERGY STAR does not include. DOE’s ENERGY STAR team is working in cooperation with DLC to develop the Qualified Products List (QPL) and procedures.

Vanguard LED Lights

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