As a business owner, you plan to be improving, succeeding, and growing for decades to come. Adding a metal roof to your plan is a great way to help protect your business for those decades. With unmatched longevity and durability in commercial roofing, a metal roof installed the year you start up your business will be around for your company’s 50th anniversary.

Value, Added

Many people misunderstand what makes a metal roof such a lasting value. It is not, contrary to popular belief, only the metal itself. No, the finish and installation are what just about guarantee a 50-year life cycle for a metal roof.

Sure, metal is tough, but when properly finished with the perfect color and protective coating, it is amazingly durable. The finish provides color to attract customers and provide a great public image for your company. The protective coating provides the long-lasting weather resistance and sheen that makes your roof stand out, year after year. 

You also add to the value of your metal roof, and to its longevity, by selecting the perfect installer. In the hands of a mediocre roofer, even a high-quality metal roof will show signs of early failure. You might see oilcanning (dents and twists in the metal), distortions in the holes for mechanical fasteners, uplift, corrosion, chipping, or other signs of distress in the metal roofing. 

In the hands of experienced roofers such as Vanguard Roofing, you can immediately see how a metal roof is better than shingles and many other commercial roof choices. Seams lay flat and tight in a metal roof properly installed by experienced technicians. Mechanical fasteners hold tight, despite thermal expansion and contraction. Panels lie smooth and perfect. The roof is in place, solid and ready to give you decades of trouble-free service. 

Compare and Save

Up-front costs for metal roofs are higher than most other commercial roof materials. This is a fact no reputable salesperson will dispute. But when you divide that initial cost (materials,  installation, and maintenance) across 50 years of reliable life, you see immediately how metal roofing saves you money. 

Maintenance costs are usually much lower on a metal roof than on shingles, single-ply, built-up (BUR), or other commonly used commercial roof materials. You can check the domestic side of the issue with Home Advisor, which finds that metal roofs are better than shingles for:

  1. Longevity
  2. Durability
  3. Environmental benefits
  4. Fire, water and hail resistance
  5. Available options
  6. Painting and sealing
  7. Return on investment

All these benefits scale up for commercial installations. The highest marks for metal roofing go to its longevity. A 2004 study by Ducker Research Company showed that the average 40-year life span of a metal roof far outlasted the average built-up roof, at 10 to 15 years, and the typical single-ply roof, lasting about 20 years. 


The aesthetic value of a metal roof for your business is actually an extension of its economic value. There are a number of environmental and aesthetic reasons for metal roofing’s popularity:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Easily integrates with solar panels
  • Color choices allow your business to stand out
  • Cool roof technology saves on heating and cooling costs

For many commercial facilities managers, a roof is just a roof. When you consider that a roof can be used to add marketing value to your business, metal roofing shines brightly above shingles and single-ply membranes. The rainbow of colors for metal roofing can allow you to incorporate or support your company’s image (color, logo, slogan, or motto). 


The 2004 Ducker Research study found that life-cycle cost per square-foot of metal roofs was 30 cents against the single-ply membrane cost of 57 cents. Part of that amazing value comes from the decreased maintenance a metal roof requires.

Against shingles, single-ply or BUR, metal needs far fewer inspection visits and repairs. This makes sense: metal is a human-made material of exceptional tensile and ductile strength. Shingles are typically asphalt with reinforcing fiberglass, neither of which is known to withstand blunt impact well. BUR and many other asphalt-based roofing materials are similarly weak. Single-ply membrane is extremely thin, lacking the solidity to resist tears and punctures. 

This does not mean a metal roof should be neglected. Annual or semiannual visits from your reliable, local roofer will ensure continued good service. Early signs of issues in a metal roof can be speedily repaired at relatively low cost, compared to other commercial roofing materials. 

When you partner with the professionals of Vanguard Roofing, you benefit from nearly a half-century of experience, excellence, and extraordinary customer service. Contact us today to see the many ways metal roofing makes fiscal and aesthetic sense for your commercial property.