Taking proper care of your commercial roof ensures your building, its occupants, and any valuables therein are protected from the elements. A solid, functional roofing system also enhances business success by improving heating and cooling efficiency and providing a safe, comfortable working environment.

You will save money by keeping up with repairs instead of letting things get severe and then require a complete roof replacement. However, you need to have a rough idea about repair costs. Some roofers may quote a lower price only to add up other costs midway through the project. Others may not even communicate the changes until you get the final bill. Below, we highlight the various factors which impact commercial roof repair costs to help you plan better.

1. Leak location

The location of a roof leak can significantly influence the overall repair cost. Standing water from poor drainage or clogged drains can cause water to collect and pond on your roof, triggering leaks. Such leaks can be simple to fix; all it might take is to clear the drains and clean the roof. 

However, leaks caused by membrane blisters or alligatoring will cost much more to fix. It might require the entire roofing membrane to be replaced. Open seams, tears, or holes in membranes and damaged flashing around roof components can also be expensive to fix.

2. Type of Roof

Different roofing systems have their associated costs. Most commercial roofs have single-ply systems (TPO, EPDM, or PVC) or built-up roofing (BUR) and Modified bitumen systems. Depending on the type of membrane on your roof, repair or replacement costs will vary significantly. 

Overall, EPDM is cost-effective and easy to install compared to PVC and TPO roofs, but they are susceptible to foot traffic and last just about 20-30 years. BUR roofs can last up to 50 years but are difficult to install and will cost more to repair.

3. Height and Access

If your commercial roof is relatively high, the workers will find it challenging to get up to the roof. They will need to bring in additional safety tools to carry out the repairs smoothly and safely. It also takes more time and effort, which means higher labor costs. Additionally, complex roofs with more obstacles and roofing equipment will be hard to work on, which increases the overall cost of the project.

4. Type of Damage

Storm damage is often the leading reason for commercial roof replacement or repair. However, even small leaks from less apparent causes can be just as detrimental if not addressed in a timely fashion. Different types of damage, such as hail damage, moss growth, flashing failure, etc., all have varying cost elements.

5. Extent of Damage

How widespread the damage is will also affect the cost of repair. If repairs were put off so long there is additional damage to address (like mold or water damage) the overall repair cost would escalate. Sometimes, damage will rule out using certain materials to make the restoration more economical. However, if most of your roof is still in good shape with proper insulation, it might be possible to get by with minor repairs.

6. Geographic Location

The geographical area where your building is affects your roof repair costs. The expense of roofing materials and hourly labor rates differ among geographical regions and roofers. Trees on the property can affect how your roof weathers storms. Debris build up can cause extra damage if not taken care of promptly.

7. Warranty Status

Finally, extended manufacturer warranties often come as a separate cost built into the proposal. Reputable roofers will clearly spell out in the estimate how the warranty is configured. Be sure to understand whether the warranty is coming from the manufacturer or the roofing contractor. More often, a low-cost quote might mean there is no warranty to back the work.

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