If you own a property with a flat roof, you know it can be more of a pain than a sloped roof because of extra flat roof maintenance.

But you can ward off larger issues by maintaining the roof in the proper manner. Keep it healthy and avoid major diseases! If you remain vigilant about flat roof maintenance, you can avoid major problems and keep insurance claims down. Here are a few items to consider for flat roof maintenance.

Remove Debris

Flat roofs collect a lot more debris, dirt, and leaves than a sloped roof because they settle there with ease. You will want to have a professional come out and remove the debris and leaves from the roof as well as the gutters and drains on a regular basis. Leaf blowers can also work well to move debris.

Cut Back Trees

If you have trees limbs near the roof, make sure they don’t hang over the roof. There should be plenty of clearance between the branches and the roof so you don’t have any extra damage to the roof through fallen leaves or branches. Trees that are too close can also shelter moss and other vegetation that then grows on the roof. We don’t recommend trying to climb and trim trees yourself as it is extremely hazardous. Contact your local roofer, the city, or a tree removal service to ensure that your roof is clear from branches and overgrowth.

Check for Ponding

Any time you receive a heavy rain, do some flat roof maintenance by checking it over for ponding. You can get a lot of damage on the roof if there’s standing water that freezes. Once that freeze thaws, the roof can split. Heavy snow is also dangerous and needs to be shoveled off.

Watch for Stains

You don’t always have to take a visual look at the roof to watch for problems. Keep an eye on the inside as well and watch for water stains and damage to the ceilings to show you that there’s a leak outside.

Your commercial building can’t afford to be disrupted by major repairs and that’s why flat roof maintenance is so important. Whether it’s a nursing home where residents would have to be moved, an apartment where everyone would have to be cleared out, or a mall where shoppers want a construction-free adventure, your flat roof maintenance can help you steer clear or major issues down the road. Call Vanguard Roofing for help with flat roof maintenance or repairs. We’re here to ensure that your roof is in good condition at all times.

How Roof Maintenance Saves Managers Time and Money How Roof Maintenance Saves Managers Time and Money