When problems develop with the roof on your property and you contact a local commercial roofer, you need to be confident that they have the skills and knowledge to assess what’s wrong and take appropriate corrective measures. The statements a roofer makes can be telltale signs that you should keep looking for a more qualified professional, and here are three good examples:

I Can Have Your Roof Inspection Done in Less Than an Hour

Any roofing contractor who tells you they can complete a commercial roof inspection this quickly isn’t doing the kind of assessment that’s necessary to find subtle wear and damage. What you need is a roofer who’ll take the time to do a thorough inspection that covers:

  • An in-depth visual check of the roof field, drainage system and flashed areas including the perimeter, equipment installations, expansion joints and all penetrations.
  • Taking core samples to learn your roof’s composition, then replacing/properly sealing the extraction sites.
  • Completing an infrared scan to pinpoint suspected leakage points and areas of wet insulation.
  • Furnishing you with an inspection report that documents any deficiencies and provides recommendations and cost estimates for necessary repairs.

You Need to Replace Your Roof Immediately

If you call in a contractor because the roof on your commercial property is leaking and you’re told it needs immediate replacement, beware. Even in an emergency when a storm has caused considerable damage, a reputable commercial roofer won’t use this type of scare tactic to get you to make a hasty decision about replacement. Instead, a reliable contractor will take appropriate measures to contain any leaks, then perform a thorough inspection. If it’s determined that the roof needs replacement, they’ll advise you on your options and give you time to make an informed decision.

I’ve Never Worked With Your Type of Roof System, But I’ll Try to Repair It

When a contractor tells you they’ll try to repair your roof even though they’re unfamiliar with your particular material and system, find another roofer who is fully qualified. There are various types of commercial roof systems, and the methods for making sound repairs aren’t interchangeable. If a roofer uses the wrong materials or techniques, the repair isn’t likely to last and can even cause more damage and make the problem worse.

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