Northeast Prepares for Hurricane Sandy

As the Northeast Prepares for Hurricane Sandy, commercial building owners and facility mangers should prepare your Commercial Roof for the storm.

Flat roofs flat roofs generally allow for water runoff, however preparing your flat roof for an approaching hurricane can help to prevent damage, and mitigate down time.

You should contact a qualified roofer to do the following things:

1) Secure any cables that run across your roof such as wires from satellite dishes or other such receivers. These wires can be easily damaged or thrown about in a hurricane.

2) Inspect the seams between roof panels and along the edges for holes in the caulk. Correct any issues.

3)  Examine your gutters and drains.  Correct any issues that will prevent the water from running efficiently off the roof.

4) Insure the gutters and leaders are attached firmly.  High winds can blow away loose gutters, causing damage and preventing effective water drainage.

5) Examine the path of the traveling water to make sure the water does not sit or gather in any area. Correct any issues so that water runs towards drains and gutters.

If Hurricane Sandy caught you unprepared it is not to late… Contact a qualified commercial roofer to assess and correct any damage.

Preparing for and correcting any issues as they happened will save you money in the long run.

October 29, 2012

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