A primary goal of commercial building owners and managers is maximizing the ROI on each of their property’s assets, but many fail to realize that the roof is one valuable asset that can help pay for itself. To realize the full potential ROI of your property’s roof, you need to manage the asset effectively and this requires a sound roof maintenance strategy.

Putting A Roof Maintenance Plan into Action

A knowledgeable and experienced commercial roofing contractor is your best source of advice on how to formulate your roof maintenance program. Ideally, your strategy should include:

  • Scheduling semi-annual inspections. Your contractor should thoroughly inspect and assess the roof twice a year and provide you with a report that details its condition, any deficiencies, necessary repairs and an estimate of its lifespan. High traffic areas, the drainage system and flashings should receive special attention.
  • Tackling roof cleaning. On a regular basis, have your building maintenance staff clear away accumulated debris, flush the drains/downspouts and trim back any overhanging tree limbs. Periodically, have the roof professionally cleaned as recommended by your contractor.
  • Making needed repairs. After each inspection, have any noted deficiencies repaired in a timely manner.
  • Implementing preservation measures. Your roofer can recommend appropriate preservation techniques to prolong your roof’s service life, such as applying a waterproof coating.

Roof Maintenance Plans Provide Appreciable Value

The biggest ROI increase you’ll gain by implementing a roof maintenance plan comes from lengthening the asset’s lifespan and postponing the disruption and major expense of a tear off and replacement. A maintenance strategy can also reduce expenses and prevent potential losses in other areas such as:

  • Emergency services. Identifying and repairing deficiencies and leaks promptly can help you avoid costly emergency roofing services and more extensive repairs.
  • Heating and cooling. Taking a proactive approach to keeping your roof watertight can preserve the insulation’s R-value and keep your energy costs under control.
  • Lost income. When your roof is well-maintained, there’s less risk of devastating water intrusions and damage that disrupt your business operations, ruin equipment or inventory or displace tenants.
  • Repair/remediation services. By heading off serious leaks or a roof failure, you’re less likely to face unexpected costs for restoration or mold remediation services or repairs of structural and interior damage.


To learn how roof maintenance plan can boost the asset’s ROI for you Wappingers Falls, NY or Springfield, MA property, contact us at Vanguard Roofing.

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