Anderson Center For Autism – Commercial Roof Replacement

The Anderson Center for Autism in Rhinebeck, NY had problematic leaking throughout the educational center. The existing aged ballasted EPDM (rubber) roofing system had outlived its useful service life and new roofing/waterproofing was necessary.

image09 image07

(“Old” ballasted roof)                                             (“New” thermoplastic pvc roof)

The roofing system chosen to restore waterproofing viability to the educational center facility was a thermoplastic pvc system. It was imperative to not disturb the children’s routine therefore a retrofit roofing system was installed rather than a complete removal and replacement.

We removed the old ballasted roof, added insulation before installing the new thermoplastic system.

image15image13  image11 image01

This roofing system requires little maintenance as heat welding membrane to membrane creates a monolithic system. Additionally, a light color (white) roof was installed as it provides a high degree of heat reflectivity reducing cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

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