Assisted Living Facility in Rhinebeck, NY – Wall-Cladding

An Assisted Living Center, in Rhinebeck, New York, had a major issue with leaking into hallways and residents living quarters.

Water stains from roof leakWater damage from leaky commercial roofWater stain damage in assisted living facility in New York

After a complete and thorough inspection of the upper and lower roof areas, it was determined that roofing systems were ponding water and had outlived their useful service life. Additionally over time the brick wall to the upper roof had become porous allowing moisture infiltration into the facility.

Ponding Water on Commercial RoofingWater leaking through roof at brick wallWater Leaking under EPDM Rubber RoofPonding Water on commercial roofing at wall causing leaking

The solution to these conditions was the installation of a new roofing system, which would also include cladding* the brick wall, to the upper roof. By doing this we would not only help with waterproofing the wall, but with the correct detail would also waterproof the transition from the lower roof to the wall.


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*Cladding is a decorative covering that does not impact the stability or the integrity of the buildings architectural core. It also provides the benefit of insulation, maintenance, and waterproofing to the buildings envelope.