Here are the most common roofing questions we get and the answers to those questions:

How do you prepare commercial roofing for winter?

Schedule A Professional Inspection:  Have a commercial roofing contractor who works with your type of roof system evaluate all the components and provide you with a detailed report so you can have deficiencies addressed before winter arrives.

Snow and your roof

Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter Now


Should I have a Roof Maintenace Plan?

Yes: An experienced commercial roofing specialist is your best source for advice on the exact care your roof needs, but in general, an effective strategy includes regular inspections, routine maintenance, timely repairs, effective preservation measures and planning for a future replacement.

Why Your Roof Needs a Maintenance Plan

Roof Maintenance with Vanguard Saves Time and Money


When is it time to Replace my Commercial Roof?

If you have Extensive Roof Deck Damage, Premature Deterioration due to Improper Installation and Significant Water Infiltration. Theses Clear Signs that Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacing

When Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Is Your Industrial Roof Ready to Be Replaced?