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OSHA Certified Roofing Contractors

Recognized Throughout the Commercial Roofing Industry For High Safety Standards

At Vanguard Roofing, we take employee education and safety seriously, ensuring that you, the customer, get the best roofing solutions possible.


Continuing Education and Safety Training

Vanguard Roofing staff attends classes, seminars and on-site training sessions about each roofing system we install. We hold training sessions in-house where our manufacturers provide hands-on training to our staff. Vanguard provides regular, monthly safety training sessions for our staff. Our staff participate in required OSHA training and certification. Vanguard Roofing has been recognized for our high standards of on-the-job safety in the roofing industry.

Vanguard partners with Lovell Safety Management Co. to take part in the Roofers and Sheet Metal Workers Safety Group. Lovell provides in-house, roofing industry-specific training to our staff.

Vanguard Roofing has a drug-free policy and uses full-time employees who receive regular safety and technical training. Our on-site supervision ensures that we meet both OSHA and our own high standards of safety on the job site.

Vanguard - Lovell Safety Management