Vanguard Roofing has built a solid reputation of expertise in the 40 years since its inception. Here are notable milestones as we’ve grown as a roofing business to serve you, our customer:

1972:  Established Vanguard Roofing as a commercial, industrial and institutional roof repair and maintenance company.

1979:  Vanguard Roofing becomes a Northeast pioneer for installation of single ply membrane roofing assembly.

1987: Vanguard Roofing surpasses 3 million square feet of managed roofs.

1994:  Started full service coating division for various types of smooth surface and gravel built up roofs.

2001: Began installing photovoltaic-ready roofing.

2009: Vanguard Energy Solutions is formed.

2010: Vanguard Roofing surpasses 8 million square feet of managed commercial roofs.

2012: Vanguard Roofing achieves over 20 years of professional relationships with Fortune 1000 companies as well as small local and regional commercial facilities.

2015: Vanguard Roofing adds Thermal Imaging Scans of roofing systems.

2017: Multiple management persons surpassed their 30 year anniversary with the company.

2018: Vanguard Roofing celebrated 46 years as a family-owned roofing company.

2019: Vanguard Roofing surpassed 13 million square feet of roofing.

2020: Vanguard Roofing added Drone aerial imaging and Drone Thermal imaging to our list of services.

2020: Vanguard Roofing continued providing all services throughout the year with our high safety standards.

2020: There have been only 2 OSHA-related cases of lost days in 48 years.

2021: Vanguard Roofing participated in the NRCA Safety Stand down week, which reinforces safety on jobsites.