1.  Clean existing roof system as needed including flashings, boots, vents, and rotted wood areas.
2. Remove and replace any and all rotted roof sheathing throughout entire roof area.
3. Remove and replace any and all rotted fascia.
4. Disconnect existing AC units using a licensed AC contractor, if applicable.
5. Manufacture and install new aluminum AC stands to meet code requirements and fasten to deck, if applicable.
6. Reconnect existing AC units using licensed AC contractor, if applicable.
7. Install new AC quick disconnects, where needed, if applicable.
8. Install EPS fan fold insulation to the entire roof’s surface, fastened.
9. Install tie-in Roofing materials as needed to match existing roof, where applicable.
10. Specially design a high wind resistant pvc/cpa single-ply roof system including membrane, flashings, vents, boots, curbs, and fasteners entire roof area.
11.  Install Duro-Last membrane to entire roof area, using poly-plates and Duro-Last screws, fastened to CAD specifications, color white.
12.  Install Duro-Last parapet membrane to entire perimeter of roof, fastened to CAD specifications, where applicable.
13.  Install new perimeter flashings, including fascia bar – fascia cap – drip edge, fastened 6” on center. Seal top flange of fascia bar/ca;, using Duro-Caulk sealant where applicable.
14. Install new Duro-Last boots over plumbing stacks, weld-band-seal, where applicable.
15.  Install new Duro-Last curb at existing vent stacks, weld-band-seal, where applicable.
16. Install Duro-Last safety walk-pad network from roof access point to AC units for roof traffic, personnel, where applicable for rooftop access.
17. Install Duro-Last wind-baffle vacuum moisture control vents for increased roof system wind uplift.
18. Install Duro-Last rooftop sign describing care, warnings, and notices for roof traffic personnel.
19. Clean up and remove all debris. Use magnet to remove fasteners from lawn.
20. We carry a guarantee on all materials, labor, and installation from the manufacturer. (commercial applications only)