Does Your Commercial Building Need a Roof Replacement

Does Your Commercial Building Need A Roof Replacement

Watching over a commercial building isn’t always an easy job, but when there are issues with the roof, it can be even harder. As the person overseeing the building, you need to understand when a roof needs repairs and when replacement is the best option. Sure, replacement costs more, but it can save you money and headaches down the road. Here are some signs that your commercial building needs a new roof.

Panels Are Coming Apart

If your commercial roof has panels on it, those panels may come apart over time. Sometimes they can be repaired and brought back together, but that may not always be the case. That is when roof replacement is the best and only option.

Torn Vapor Barriers

The vapor barrier should be intact with no tears. Once the barrier is torn, you will start to see leaks come through inside the building, if you haven’t already. If this the situation, you need a roof replacement.

An Exposed Undercoat

If your roof is made of tar and rock, the tar paper can be blown off in a storm. When this happens, the undercoat of the roofing is exposed and you will need roof replacement as soon as you can get professionals on the job.

Expert Suggestions

As the building manager, you might have regular inspections on a number of pieces of equipment within the building. The roof should go on that list to head off any minor issues with repairs before major damage occurs. At some point during these inspections the professional might recommend a roof replacement. When this happens it is in your best interest to listen to their advice. Perhaps your roof is on the road to major failure or repairs are starting to add up and take too much time and money. Whatever the situation, if a professional you trust says it’s time, listen to them.

If you are overseeing a commercial building in possible need of a new roof soon because of one of the above signs (or others), contact Vanguard Roofing for help. We’re happy to give you a free assessment to give you our professional opinion on what needs to be done for the best of the building.