6 Things That Change Your Commercial Roof Replacement Costs

The budget line item, “commercial building roof replacement cost,” has probably haunted you through many a finance meeting. Before your next meeting, take a look at six things that affect your costs for the substantial but necessary expense of replacing your commercial roof.  […]

5 Things You Need To Know About The Best Industrial Roof Repair

Is a “flat roof” the same as a “low-slope” roof? How about “industrial” and “commercial” — are they different kinds of roofs? And who should you turn to when you have a need for industrial roof repair? We can tell you one place not to go: the roofer who does mostly residential roofing and squeezes in “commercial” roofing now and then. This is only some of what you need to know about getting the best industrial roof repair for your property.  […]

3 Main Things You Should Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

The sage of the mountain is a perennial comic trope. But you don’t need to climb to the top of a mountain to hear words of wisdom from some guru — we can tell you right here, right now, the three main things to know regarding commercial roof maintenance for your property.  […]

The Benefits Of Having A Roof Hatch Installed On Your Flat Roof

Whether strategizing new construction, remodeling an existing property, or inheriting an “heirloom” industrial building, a roof hatch is a must for your property. A roof hatch provides safe and convenient access from within your building to your commercial roof. With an interior ladder, ship stair, or service stair to reach it, you and your facilities crew can climb through the roof hatch onto the low-slope or flat roof well away from the roof perimeter.  […]

What Flat Roof Snow Removal Methods Are Best?

For businesses in the northeast, snow and payroll taxes are inevitable. You know snow loads have to be monitored. You know snow must be removed. But perhaps you are not sure exactly what snow removal methods are best. So let’s answer the question, “What flat roof snow removal methods are there?”


How To Know When You Should Take Snow Off Your Flat Roof

Ah, winter! Beautiful blankets of lovely white snow! Crushing, heavy, wet snow on your commercial property’s roof. Dangerous, slippery, treacherous snow pushing down on your poor building’s flat roof. When the snow starts to fall, should you worry about all the snow piling up on your flat or low-slope roof? When should you take snow off your roof?  […]

How To Help Prevent Ice Dams On Your Flat Roof

Just like road salt caking the underside of your car or frost forming on your windows, ice dams are a frustrating part of the winter months. But unlike those other winter problems, ice damming on a flat roof can cause severe damage to both the roof and building as a whole. […]

How To Use DSIRE For Your Solar Ready Roof & Solar Energy System

All across the United States, flat-roofed facilities are choosing to power their daily operations with the sun’s energy. Upgrades such as Solar Energy System (SES) reduce a facility’s reliance on utility-generated electricity, help lower the nation’s overall energy usage, and deliver positive environmental impacts. […]

How To Understand Cooperative Purchasing And Its Benefits

To understand Cooperative Purchasing, think of taking a hike on an unknown trail. The path is marked, but having an experienced trail guide is so, so much better. When you tap into the power of Cooperative Purchasing, Vanguard Roofing and Duro-Last® work together to guide you through it. They are there for you at the beginning and end of five simple steps to deliver a beautiful new roof.  […]

How To Plan Well For Your Solar Energy System

As a state-run facility manager, you may have considered converting to solar power to cut down on your energy costs, improve your bottom line, and reduce your facility’s carbon footprint for the long term. Solar systems can also send a powerful message about your organization’s values and priorities to clients, employees, and the local community. […]