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How To Best Plan For Commercial Roof Repair Costs

Taking proper care of your commercial roof ensures your building, its occupants, and any valuables therein are protected from the elements. A solid, functional roofing system also enhances business success by improving heating and cooling efficiency and providing a safe, comfortable working environment. […]

Why Solar Energy Is Important For Your Commercial Property

High demand for electrical power, rising electricity costs, and ample roof space provided by commercial buildings make Solar Energy Systems (SES) a sensible investment. Solar energy is a plentiful energy source with significant financial and environmental benefits. Installing solar panels on the roof of a state-run commercial property gives these three benefits: […]

Why Should You Have an Infra-Red Scan of Leaking Roof?

All roofing systems have weaknesses, including commercial flat or low-slope roofs. The moment moisture seeps underneath the protective barrier of your roof, it can cause detrimental problems to your commercial property. Even if there are no obvious signs of leaks right now, your commercial roof could be slowly deteriorating. Without early detection and remediation, even tiny leaks can cause extensive structural damage and eventually require a complete roof replacement. […]

Behind The Scenes Of What Single-Ply Roofing Is

Navigating the complex world of roofing terminology can be challenging. Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of roofing systems available, each specifically suited for certain environments or aesthetic tastes. There are several flat roof replacement options in particular worth exploring. Before you decide, you will want to consider the architecture of the building, the way it will look, and how it will perform long-term. […]

What You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Tax: 2021

If you own commercial property in Wappingers Falls, NY, or the surrounding Tri-State area, then you’ll know how expensive maintaining, repairing or installing a new roof can be. Fortunately, those costs can be considered overhead, which means you may be eligible for certain tax deductions. The following are some of the tax tips for commercial roofs you should keep in mind in 2021 and 2022. […]

What You Need To Know About Single-Ply Roof Systems

Single-ply is wide-width material meant for low-slope commercial roofs. These roofing systems have far fewer seams than asphalt-based rolled systems and don’t require hazardous torches or hot asphalt for installation. They usually come with prefabricated detailing accessories to further make the installation easy.


What You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Life Expectancy 

Managing and maintaining your commercial roof is a big job and it can also come with a lot of uncertainty. As your roof nears the end of its lifespan it can be hard to know when the time for roof replacement arrives, whether the roof is new to you or not. […]

Behind The Scenes Of Pull Tests & Why Have One Done

When properly designed, installed, and maintained, a commercial roofing system provides building owners and managers with value and long-term dependability.  Most commercial roof coatings have outstanding performance records against just about any type of weather situation. However, it’s possible for a roof to be damaged or blown off if winds are stronger than what the roof was designed to withstand. […]

Behind The Scenes Of Why Your Flat Roof Needs Walk Pads

Your commercial roof plays an important role in protecting your building, employees, and assets from external elements. However, it is also fragile. Even a minimum of foot traffic can lead to damage and premature wear and tear. […]

How To Avoid Issues Caused By Snow Melting On Your Roof

Every roof has a lot to bear at times, but flat roofs face a particular set of challenges. Throw in the snow, freezing rain, and other unpredictable weather we’re hit with in the Massachusetts – Connecticut region, and you have a potentially serious problem on your hands. […]