5 Reasons To Keep Up With Commercial Roof Maintenance Needs

The roof over your head isn’t something you’re likely to think about often unless it leaks or develops other problems. Did you know that there’s a simple way to lower the risk of having something go wrong with your commercial roof? Having routine maintenance done, such as cleaning, repairs, and snow removal, helps keep your roof in great shape over the years. […]

What Is Commercial Roof Flashing And Why Is It Important?

The first day on the job as a commercial roofer, every technician learns the difference between flashing on a roof and flashing in a public park. One usually results in watertight protection. The other usually results in an arrest. So just what is roof flashing, and what does it do?  […]

How Can I Know If I Received A High-Quality Roof Inspection?

We could start this piece by telling roofing jokes, but we’re worried they’ll all be over your head. Anyway, do you ever get the feeling somebody knows something they are not telling you? You know: roof inspections; avoiding ripoffs; the insider’s track. “Oh, I know a guy who has a friend who can get you a real roof inspection.” No worries! Here’s how to spot a genuine, all-important roof inspection.  […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Do you spend money on your business’s commercial roof? Whether you put a check in the mail or not, you are spending money on your roof through unseen and often unnoticed expenses. Items like lower energy efficiency, shorter life span, and poor indoor air quality all take a toll on your bottom line. Why get a roof inspection? We can think of at least three great reasons.  […]

Why Proper Drainage Is Crucial For A Healthy Flat Roof

Proper drainage for flat roof systems begins with an understanding that no commercial roof is truly flat—all are low-slope roofs. While they may appear flat, with no pitch to them, these commercial roofs must angle slightly to allow for drainage. Flat roof water drainage—more accurately, low-slope roof drainage—is a significant challenge for commercial property owners and managers.  […]

How Cooperative Purchasing Benefits Your Commercial Roof, Part Two

One of the best tips a contractor can give you is a sure path to saving money. That is why The Interlocal Purchasing System, or TIPS, is such a success among local governments, schools, and other governmental entities. It is also why your next commercial roofing project could be your avenue to other savings opportunities. (If you haven’t had a chance to read Part One of Cooperative Purchasing check it out here!)


Why Preventive Maintenance Is Important For Your Commercial Roof

We are letting you know ahead of time, this is a trick question. Ready? Who typically performs preventive maintenance of your commercial property’s roof? It is a trick question because we have a good chance of already knowing the answer: your facilities crew. Sadly, that is also the wrong answer, for five reasons.  […]

Should I Get A New Flat Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

Your commercial property is both a treasure and a nuisance, isn’t it? It protects your entire business. Yet it constantly requires diligent maintenance and no small outlay of capital. You have the brilliant idea to install solar panels and make the roof a greater asset. But now you ask yourself a new question: “Should I get a new low-slope roof installed before installing solar panels?” 


Why A Flat Roof Without Ventilation Is Bad For Your Business

Our highways are less cluttered thanks to HOVs (high-occupancy vehicles); sports enthusiasts love their ATVs. How about an FOV? The FOV is a Fish-Operated Vehicle, and it really exists. Oh, don’t worry — FOVs won’t be crowding you out on the roads. But is a low-slope or flat roof without ventilation like a fish without a vehicle? No, a goldfish go-kart gives a chuckle but does no harm, while a low-slope roof without ventilation can destroy your business. Gulp!  […]

What You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Tax: 2022

If you own commercial property in Wappingers Falls, NY, or the surrounding Tri-State area, then you’ll know how expensive maintaining, repairing or installing a new roof can be. Fortunately, those costs can be considered overhead, which means you may be eligible for certain tax deductions. The following are some of the tax tips for commercial roofs you should keep in mind in 2022. […]