How Cooperative Purchasing Benefits Your Commercial Roof, Part Two

One of the best tips a contractor can give you is a sure path to saving money. That is why The Interlocal Purchasing System, or TIPS, is such a success among local governments, schools, and other governmental entities. It is also why your next commercial roofing project could be your avenue to other savings opportunities. (If you haven’t had a chance to read Part One of Cooperative Purchasing check it out here!)

Too Big

For any business, a large commercial roofing project can be daunting. You may know you need roofing services, but you may not know what contractors to contact, how contracts for the work are arranged, or how the project can be paid for. 

Participating in a cooperative buying group like TIPS can reduce your anxiety while saving your organization significant money. TIPS works by engaging your organization in a proven process of locating vendors, arranging contracts, and securing contracts at the lowest possible cost

A public school K-12 system, higher education entity, city or county government, or other governmental groups can tap the power of TIPS and gain:

  • Access to competitively procured contracts with high-quality vendors
  • Savings of time and money in fulfilling bid requirements
  • Assistance from qualified TIPS staff members with the purchasing process
  • Access to pricing based on a “national,” high-profile contract

Just Right

Using TIPS, your local organization enters a nationwide arena and leapfrogs past uncertainty. Vendors are already screened for excellence and financial stability. Products are already measured against existing bid requirements, so you have almost no research or footwork ahead of you. 

For example, if you need a new roof for your low-slope building of a public charter school, your school can be part of Duro-Last’s Job Order Contracts (JOC #210205). You get the power and superior product of the Duro-Last name, the installation expertise of a known roofer like Vanguard Roofing, and the streamlined contract process of TIPS. The savings are built into the TIPS program. 

Every aspect of your commercial roofing project—vendor, product, installer, contract—is just right. All that you need is prescreened, pre-approved, and offered at a rock-bottom price to your organization. 

You’re In

Once you become part of TIPS, you have access to more than just roofing products and experienced commercial roofers such as Vanguard Roofing. Literally hundreds of vendors can be resources for your purchasing needs, with offerings ranging from air conditioning equipment to waste management services.

By using TIPS for major projects like complete roof replacement or smaller purchases like cafeteria equipment, your organization is assured of:

  • A documented compliance process
  • A single source for all aspects of the project
  • Stable, reliable budgeting
  • Quality assurance
  • Local contractors

Many of these aspects provide not only economic value but public relations punch, as well. Taxpayers are far more supportive of projects that inject money back into the local community by using local vendors and contractors than when an out-of-state bidder wins a contract. 


An excellent purchasing program is of no use to your organization if the product purchased is somehow lacking. Duro-Last, the TIPS vendor for single-ply PVC roofing membrane, provides a custom-fabricated, single-ply commercial roofing system ideal for low-sloped applications. 

The Duro-Last name is world-class, and its PVC roofing materials are extremely durable and easily installed. A Duro-Last PVC membrane can be installed on your organization’s low-slope roof without harsh chemical smells, significant noise levels, or any disruption to everyday building use.  

A Duro-Last roof is watertight, highly reflective, and resistant to chemicals, fire, and high winds. The Duro-Last PVC membrane requires very little maintenance. 

Discuss with your commercial roofer the properties of a Duro-Last PVC membrane that make it a wise and economical choice for all commercial roofs:

  • Available in 40, 50, and 60 mil thickness
  • The Duro-Last 50 mil membrane is manufactured with 28 mil of thickness on the top performance layer
  • Duro-Last is the only product in the marketplace to offer prefabrication of the entire roofing system
  • A unique, 15-year warranty with consequential damage coverage for Duro-Last prefabricated roofing systems


Entering the TIPS process also gives you access to reliable, vetted contractors to install or deliver a product or service acquired through TIPS. For commercial roof installation, Vanguard Roofing is a strategic partner with Duro-Last. Our representatives can assist your organization with the entire five-step process of moving through TIPS to provide you with the finest, lowest-priced solution for your roof:

  1. Vanguard identifies and documents your organization’s roofing needs
  2. Duro-Last® and Vanguard design a roofing solution and deliver it to TIPS
  3. TIPS reviews the proposal, performing a compliance review to confirm pricing is compliant with the existing contract
  4. The proposal is issued to your organization
  5. The project is executed by Vanguard Roofing, using Duro-Last® products

Vanguard Roofing is ready to help you navigate The Interlocal Purchasing System or simply answer your questions about commercial roofing. Contact us today to tap our experience, knowledge, and skills for the protection of your commercial roof.