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How Can I Know If I Received A High-Quality Roof Inspection?

We could start this piece by telling roofing jokes, but we’re worried they’ll all be over your head. Anyway, do you ever get the feeling somebody knows something they are not telling you? You know: roof inspections; avoiding ripoffs; the insider’s track. “Oh, I know a guy who has a friend who can get you a real roof inspection.” No worries! Here’s how to spot a genuine, all-important roof inspection.  […]

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5 Things You Need To Know About The Best Industrial Roof Repair

Is a “flat roof” the same as a “low-slope” roof? How about “industrial” and “commercial” — are they different kinds of roofs? And who should you turn to when you have a need for industrial roof repair? We can tell you one place not to go: the roofer who does mostly residential roofing and squeezes in “commercial” roofing now and then. This is only some of what you need to know about getting the best industrial roof repair for your property.  […]

Behind The Scenes Of Metal Roofing: Maintenance

Metal roofs are built to last, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need care. The only way to get the longest lifespan out of your metal roof is to have it regularly maintained by a professional roofing contractor.  […]

4 Things To Have In A Healthy Maintenance Program

Having routine maintenance done helps ensure your commercial roof continues to stay in good condition for years. This kind of maintenance plan should include certain elements in order to be successful. Keep the following commercial roof maintenance program and checklist information in mind as you set up a maintenance plan. […]

The Best 5 Tips For Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Just like most capital investments, a commercial and industrial roof can last its full lifecycle when properly taken care of. With regular inspection and a proper commercial roof maintenance plan, you can discover and mitigate minor issues before they escalate in costly property damages. In this guide, we cover five important commercial roof maintenance tips to help you avoid unwanted damages, protect your bottom line, and extend the lifespan of your commercial roof in the Tri-State area.


How To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Roof

Vanguard Roofing was asked to evaluate a government building to see about extending the life of the current roofing system. During the initial inspection, a core cut was also completed. Here is what we found and the solution we provided. […]

How To Understand Preventive Maintenance & Why You Need It

The roof of your commercial building protects the interior from damage due to water, wind, and other hazards. Normal wear and tear and damage from storms can take a toll on your roof over time. Preventive maintenance helps lower this risk and keeps your roof in excellent condition.  […]

How to Best Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter Now

Summers in the Tri-State area never seem long enough. Just a few months from now, the weather will get cold (again) and snow will begin to fall. And when it does, will your commercial roof be ready to survive the winter? […]

This Is Why Your Commercial Roof Needs A Roofing Core Cut

Just as scientists drill into the icy mantle of Antarctica and extract ice cores, commercial roofers can drill into your commercial property’s roof to remove a sample of every layer of your roof down to the roof deck. Why do this? Just as the scientists can tease out clues about earth’s atmosphere, temperatures and climate over thousands of years, so too can roofers learn about the exact makeup of the roof protecting your business. […]

Why You Should Have A Maintenance Agreement

Do you have a maintenance agreement for your commercial flat roof? If you don’t, take a moment to consider getting one. Getting routine maintenance from an experienced commercial flat roof contractor will keep the roof in good condition and pay off in the long run.

What Is Covered in a Maintenance Agreement?
Vanguard’s maintenance plans start […]