Snow and Ice Removal

Snow Removal Can Save Your Roof

Living in the northeast means winter can pack a punch and dump a large amount of snow and ice in one storm or blizzard. The additional weight of the snow and ice on your commercial or industrial roofing structures can cause your roof to sag, leak, or possibly collapse. It is important that large amounts of snow are removed from your property to maintain your roof’s structural integrity.

Before Winter Comes

Vanguard can install roof drain flags, which allows us to find the drains after a heavy snow. Having your building’s drains exposed will allow the water produced from melting snow and ice to reach your drains. When snow starts to melt, and the roof’s drains are not exposed, the water has no place to go, and it will refreeze under the snow and ice melt, resulting in a heavier snow load.

Do you have a plan in place?

The snow load on your structure could potentially be very heavy and detrimental to your building. A simple calculation for the weight of snow is that every 1 cubic foot weighs 65 lbs. So the roof on a 50-square-foot building could be supporting 3,000 lbs of snow. It is extremely important that some of this load be removed and drains cleared for melting snow. During one of the storms a few years ago, so much snow fell that multiple buildings collapsed and roofs were destroyed.

Another added issue occurs when the temperatures rise above freezing, and the snow starts to melt. Once the temperatures drop at night, the water from the snow that melted earlier in the day refreezes into ice, which can exponentially increase the weight load on your facility’s roofing structure.

When winter storms happen, leave the heavy lifting to Vanguard!

Vanguard offers professional roof snow removal to help businesses keep running after the storm passes. We have the equipment to get the job done, which means you can continue to focus on running your business while we remove the snow and ice accumulated on your roof.

Our snow removal services are available for commercial and industrial roofs in Connecticut, New Jersey, Central Massachusetts, and New York.

Don’t get caught with a collapsed roof this winter. Call the snow removal experts at Vanguard today to get set up with a snow removal contract for your business.