Fortifying Coverage: The Importance Of Routine Roof Maintenance For Insurance Claims

Commercial roof maintenance is vital for the life of a building. Ignoring routine upkeep shortens a roof’s longevity, jeopardizes a business’s financial health with costly repairs, risks complications when dealing with a roof insurance claim, and, potentially, an expensive roof replacement. By facilitating periodic maintenance at least twice each year, a property manager takes proactive steps to prolong the roof’s lifespan and understand its condition.

The Importance Of Routine Commercial Roof Maintenance

A commercial roofing system is more than just a simple expense – it’s a wise long-term investment for any building owner. When it comes to cost, let’s not underestimate the figures. Even for a “small” commercial building, a new commercial roof can easily set you back at least $100,000. And that’s just the starting point. The price tag can exceed $1,000,000 for roof replacements, depending on factors like the roof’s square footage and the type of roofing material chosen. There are many benefits of performing routine maintenance on a commercial roof.

Benefit 1 – Avoid Unplanned Or Unexpected Downtime

A leaky roof can cause other issues, including flooding, electrical shortages, and structural damage. Consequently, a business may need to suspend its operations temporarily, or even for an extended period, depending on the extent of the situation.

Benefit 2 – Control Commercial Insurance Premiums

Why risk it when managing a commercial building? Regular roof maintenance not only showcases professionalism, but it can also potentially save you money on insurance premiums and ensure that your coverage limits are protected.

Benefit 3 – Improve The Building’s Exterior Appearance

The visual appeal of a well-maintained commercial roof adds to its curb appeal, creating a positive impression. On the flip side, a deteriorating roof can detract from the overall appearance and negatively affect the business. It could suggest that the company is financially troubled.

routine maintenance flat roof overhead view

Benefit 4 – Improve Energy Efficiency And Savings

By ensuring that a commercial roof is airtight and waterproof, energy efficiency is optimized, which reduces energy consumption. Business owners can expect lower heating and cooling expenses. Regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the roof and further minimizing heating and cooling expenditures.

Benefit 5 – Maximize A Commercial Roof’s Life

Responsible building owners know that when they buy and install a roof, they must figure out how long it will last. This way, they can plan and budget ahead for the future replacement. Regular maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of an existing roof.

Benefit 6 – Perform Repair Services Promptly And Affordably

Minor commercial roof repairs cost a fraction of significant repair work. The best way to prevent major roof repair expenses is by tackling known problems head-on, before they become unmanageable and potentially unaffordable.

close up of repair being needed

Benefit 7 – Preserve Commercial Roof Warranty Coverage

As long as the building owner sticks to the terms and conditions, the warranty will remain valid and enforceable. Usually, the warranty provider expects the owner to take reasonable steps, including regular maintenance, to maintain coverage.

Benefit 8 – Provide An Update Of The Roof’s Present Condition

Staying in the dark is no way to run a business. The building owner needs to stay updated on the status of their assets, including the condition of the roof. This way, they always know if there are any issues that require addressing, and can plan and budget accordingly.

Benefit 9 – Reduce Liability And Remove Safety Hazards

Routine commercial roof maintenance enables the property manager to identify potential or existing safety issues. By addressing these problems and taking necessary actions, they ensure the safety of building occupants, protecting them from hazardous or risky conditions.

How Periodic Commercial Roof Maintenance Impacts A Roof Insurance Claim

At some point, every commercial roof is bound to face some issues. In many cases, the building owner will need to move ahead with a roof insurance claim. When filing, the owner will want to maximize the benefit of that claim. Business records will show that the building owner consistently did routine maintenance, and that evidence will increase the likelihood that the insurance company will process the claim successfully. And that’s precisely what the building owner wants – to reap the utmost benefit from their insurance claim.

If a building owner neglects the regular maintenance of their commercial roof, such as inspections and repairs, they won’t have any documented evidence of the roof’s current condition. Unfortunately, when a damaging event occurs and wreaks havoc on the roof, the owner’s insurance claim could be weakened by counterarguments highlighting the lack of proper maintenance and timely repairs. Owners must understand that neglecting these crucial tasks can leave them vulnerable and potentially jeopardize their insurance claims.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free roof insurance claim process, building owners need to be proactive. One way to achieve this is by scheduling regular commercial roof maintenance, aiming for at least two inspections per year. Bringing in a qualified roofing contractor is necessary. They can thoroughly examine the roof, meticulously document its condition, and provide a detailed written report of their findings. To further safeguard against issues, owners should prioritize proper upkeep and promptly address any necessary repairs.

Working With A Commercial Roof Maintenance Professional

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