Emergency Roof Repair

The Top Contractor for Commercial Shingle Roofs

Vanguard is here 24/7 for all your commercial emergency roof repairs, whether it is a small repair or a blown-off or collapsed roof. We will be out as soon as it is safe to protect your facility.

As weather patterns are changing, the Northeast has been subjected to increased and prolonged wind, rain, and snow events. From fierce hurricanes that dump heavy rains and strong winds to blizzards that can leave multiple feet of snow, we can see it all in the northeast. Unfortunately, when these storms come in, roofing systems seem to take the biggest hit. 

While severe storms cause the majority of needed roof repairs, some are caused by roof deterioration due to a lack of regular maintenance. Rest assured that we will be there to fix your roofing issues, no matter the cause.

Vanguard offers emergency roof repair services that provide immediate action to address your roofing problems. We understand that your business cannot wait, so we make it our job to deliver prompt repair service with our highly-trained and certified roofing experts. If necessary, we will use thermal imaging and moisture probes to detect the leak more accurately to ensure that the source of the leak has been repaired. We will take immediate action to stop your leaks and protect your business. That is our emergency roof repair service guarantee.

We service all types of commercial roofing for repair, including, but not limited to PVC, TPO, EPDM, asphalt, metal, shingle, and slate roofing systems.

Emergency Snow Removal

In the event that our area is hit by a massive blizzard, our team at Vanguard can come to your property for commercial and industrial snow removal. While not damaging immediately, large snowfalls create substantial weight on flat roofs. It’s important to have the snow removed promptly to keep flat roofs and low-slope roofs from sagging or collapsing.

Vanguard can also clear your drains of ice and snow to ensure positive drainage preventing the cycle of melting and refreezing from clogging your drains.

Roof Insurance

When your commercial property has been damaged from a storm or natural disaster, Vanguard will help to provide the documentation that you need for filing an insurance claim, including photos. We understand what insurance companies need to know when it comes to storm damage claims and will help guide you through the process efficiently.

How to Get Started

If you are already one of our clients, all you need to do is call to request emergency roof repairs. We maintain records of your roof in our roof history database. We will pull your information and send our team out to provide assistance if needed.

If you’re not yet in our client database, give us a call, and we will get the process started now. Why wait until there is an emergency to call us? Let’s get started today to keep your roofing system functioning effectively.

Case Studies

When a major wind and rain storm came through the area, a local apartment complex had its roof blown off. Vanguard was called by both the client and the local fire department to investigate the roof damage. Our emergency crew immediately mobilized at the shop to assemble the necessary equipment, safety equipment, tools, ladders, cones, generators, shovels, picks, brooms, and blowers, plus all of the roofing components necessary to get the business back up and running. 

When we arrived on site, we found leaking from the roof occurring in the apartment building, and the tenants were gathering their belongings to vacate. Once it was safe to access the roof, Vanguard’s emergency crew proceeded to install safety lines to the building to evaluate the extent of the damage to the roof. We observed that the roof had sustained significant damage necessitating its removal. Vanguard provided emergency services to mitigate damage and set up a safety perimeter blocking sidewalks and on-street parking.

While we were preparing the site, our client called their insurance company, and we provided documentation of the damage to help speed along the claim process. While our team waited for the go-ahead, we brought in dumpsters to remove all the debris on the ground. We also coordinated with the fire and building departments to procure a building permit and to block the street to allow us to get materials on the roof.

Within days we were given the green light to proceed. Vanguard already had the materials, crane, safety, and traffic monitors on-site and ready to go, so we could begin to replace the roof immediately and start the new roof assembly process.

While most emergency repairs are not this potentially hazardous, you can rest assured that Vanguard has the proper training completed, which allows us to be ready and mobilized at a moment’s notice.

A local assisted living center was experiencing emergency leaking in their hallways and in some of their rooms and immediately contacted Vanguard to seek help.

When we arrived at the center, we found that some of their ceiling tiles were stained, and others had collapsed due to water damage. When we got onto the roof, we found evidence of significant ponding water that was compromising the roofing system by getting into the roof assembly and the rafters and framing below. This ponding water was caused by the inadequate sloping to the roof drains.

Thankfully, we were able to remove only a portion of the roof, and replace the damaged decking, wood, insulation, and correctly slope the new roof to the drains. We then tied the new roofing membrane to the existing one to ensure that the entire roofing system was now water-tight.