Duroalst Roofing For Your Commercial Building

Durable, Durolast Roofing For Your Commercial Building

Commercial buildings can be one headache after another, but when you run into a hiccup with a building you manage, you need to fix it fast and you want that repair to last long-term. The roof on any commercial building is your first line of defense against the weather elements and anything else that might have an impact on the building and what’s inside. If your roof is leaking or in need of repairs or replacement, consider utilizing Durolast products.

What Is A Durolast Commercial Roofing System?

Durolast roofing systems are custom-fabricated commercial systems that work well for flat or low-sloped roofs, which are prevalent on commercial buildings. They are durable and easy to install without disrupting the operation within the building. Durolast products are watertight, reflective for energy efficiency, chemical resistant, fire and wind resistant, and low maintenance. In short, they’re everything you want in a roofing system for a commercial building.

Why Can You Trust Durolast Products?

Durolast products have been installed across the country since 1978 and they have a proven history and performance behind them that can make any commercial building manager at ease. With the best warranties in their class, a complete quality assurance department, and a commitment to problem solving, these products go far and do what they need to do–and beyond.

Off-Site Fabrication Increases Roof Integrity

If you need a whole new roofing system, Durolast can manufacture an entire membrane for you in their factory, which sits in a controlled environment. Many of the seams are completed before the membrane comes to the job site, making it more long-lasting and reliable. On-site fabrication can lead to roof leaks in the future but factory fabrication is guaranteed to last well into the years to come.

Any industrial, commercial roof is an investment, no matter what the size is of the business beneath it. You want to get the best repairs, replacements, and maintenance possible to keep the roof in as good a shape as possible for many years. If you need a new roof or some kind of repair, Durolast products are always going to be a good choice.

If you are looking for a roofing contractor, contact Vanguard Roofing with your questions about your specific commercial property. We can do an inspection, run any necessary maintenance, and recommend repairs. If a new roof replacement is imminent, consider going for the durable Durolast products to get the new roof your commercial building really needs.