How to Best Time Your Industrial Roof Replacement

How to Best Time Your Industrial Roof Replacement

The ideal time for industrial roof replacement is when all your clients have paid their bills, all your employees simultaneously head out for vacation, and your commercial roofer has a surprisingly clear calendar. Such a time does not exist, so how do you properly time the necessary industrial roof replacement?


Spring and summer are better than the other two seasons for full roof replacement. Temperatures hold steady, with minimal peaks and valleys from day to day. Though no roofing crew thrills to work under an August sun on a hot roof, curing rates are faster and drying time is shorter during the hotter months.

Business Considerations

Your business may move in cycles, so your industrial building has times when activity is slower. These are excellent opportunities for routine maintenance and for industrial roof replacement.

If your business depends on foot traffic, you may want to investigate weekends or even afternoon and evening work with your roofing professional. Customers may be put off by odors, noise, and vehicle traffic associated with roof replacement.

At Vanguard Roofing, we have perfected techniques to minimize our presence, so you can keep your front doors open while we access the roof from other, less visible, sides of your building. We can cart away debris after customer hours, and keep noise and dust to a minimum.


Winter is the hardest time for most industrial roofing. Snow and ice, temperature variations, and cold rains all conspire to rapidly age an already beleaguered roof. While many roofers, Vanguard Roofing included, can perform repair and emergency work year-round, winter is not ideal for full industrial roof replacement.

Special precautions have to be taken to prevent insulation from absorbing moisture; membranes and felts can also lose flexibility in the cold.


The last thing either you or your partner in roofing—your local, reliable roofing contractor—wants to tackle is an unexpected roof replacement. Proper budgeting may require five or more years of setting aside funds to be ready for the ideal time. A capital investment the scope of industrial roof replacement should never be a surprise.

Whether you know now is the time for industrial roof replacement, or you just want to develop a plan for the future, contact the professionals at Vanguard Roofing. We can work with you to assess your roof and design a strategy to time your roof replacement around your schedule. Contact Vanguard Roofing today!