Make Sure Your Roofer is Equipped to Deal with Industrial Roofing Issues

Make Sure Your Roofer is Equipped to Deal with Industrial Roofing Issues

Industrial roofing is extremely complex and repair and maintenance requirements for these roofs typically exceed the skills and abilities of the average warehouse roofer. When hiring repair projects out, it’s vital to find professionals who specialize in industrial roofing. This is the only way to ensure that your roofers truly understand the nature and nuances of this all-important structure.

Insurance Concerns

Your first and foremost concern when hiring industrial roofing companies is not a structural one. You have to make sure that the company you hire has sufficient coverage for your project. Given the expansive size of most industrial roofs and their many, in-built features, the policies maintained by small-sized businesses that typically handle modest, residential and commercial projects won’t be on par with the related liabilities. With insufficient coverage, you may be required to pay out-of-pocket for any damages that exceed the limitations of these plans and you also run the risk of having your own commercial building insurance voided.

Needs-Specific Roofing Materials

Most roofers tend to offer a limited range of roofing materials in comparison to what’s actually available on the market. Even if they’re aligned with the right supply companies for requesting non-traditional options, they may not have the experience and skills for working with all roofing types. Industrial buildings can benefit from EPDM synthetic rubber roof coatings, PVC roofing designs for flat industrial roofs and more. It pays to hire roofing professionals who can spot the best upgrades and additions for making the workplace cooler, better ventilated, more comfortable and easier to maintain.

Rooftop Obstructions

The average commercial roof has few obstructions. This allows for a wide open work space in which a welding machine can be used to create a watertight seam that runs consistently across. Conversely, industrial roofing surfaces are filled with in-built obstructions due to interior ventilation requirements and indoor equipment that has rooftop components. This work is both intricate and highly skilled. Seams on industrial roofs often need to be welded by hand, which is a practice that can take many years to perfect.

At Vanguard, we’re proud to offer the niche-specific skills that industrial building owners need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our history in industrial roofing or to request a quote for your project. We’re more than prepared to help you meet your industrial roof repair or re-roofing goals.