Does Your Warehouse Need A Roof Replacement Or A Repair?

Does Your Warehouse Need A Roof Replacement Or A Repair?

The roof on your warehouse plays an essential role in keeping your building safe from the elements. When you’re having problems with your roof your building can become more vulnerable to damage from rain, snow, ice, and wind. Should you schedule repairs for your warehouse, or is it time to have it replaced with a new roof?

Roof Repairs

When problems with your roof are minor or small ones, you can look into having repairs or maintenance done. In some cases, this is enough to fix these problems and ensure you have a dependable roof for your warehouse. Professional roofers with experience in repairing and maintaining commercial roofs can provide you with these services. Keep in mind how minor problems can turn out to be more serious than you originally thought. If this is the case, professional roofers might recommend you replace your roof rather than repair it.

If you notice any of the following problems with your warehouse roof, keep in mind it may be time to invest in a new one. Some common problems which can result in a roof replacement include:

Extensive pooling of water

It’s normal for a small amount of water to collect on a flat commercial roof after it rains, but you shouldn’t have large pools forming. You’ll need a new roof if you have large amounts of water in one or more areas. This amount of standing water can stay on your roof too long, resulting in a higher risk of serious water and moisture damage.

Large rips and tears in the material and/or seams

Minor rips and tears can generally be repaired, but you shouldn’t have any big ones in your roofing material or seams. These can allow water to get inside your building, leading to extensive water damage.

Leaking roof

If you notice a leak in your roof, it could be time to look into a roof replacement. When minor leaks are caught early enough they might be able to be repaired, but an ongoing leak or a major one typically requires you to replace your roof. Leaking roofs can cause mold growth, structural damage, and other problems.

Whether your warehouse needs roof repairs or a new roof, please contact Vanguard Roofing. We offer reliable, high-quality roofing services in Wappingers Falls, including repairs, routine maintenance, and replacements.