The roof over your head isn’t something you’re likely to think about often unless it leaks or develops other problems. Did you know that there’s a simple way to lower the risk of having something go wrong with your commercial roof? Having routine maintenance done, such as cleaning, repairs, and snow removal, helps keep your roof in great shape over the years.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roof maintenance solutions are a smart investment for your building. Timely repairs, cleaning roofs, and having other maintenance tasks done means you don’t have to worry about suddenly needing costly repairs. Instead, your commercial roof will be able to do its job of protecting your building interior from the elements. The following are some of the top reasons to make sure your roof gets the maintenance it needs.

Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Having to replace the entire roof on your commercial building is a major expense. While these roofs are designed to be durable enough to last for years or even decades, a lack of maintenance can shorten their life span. When this happens, you’ll need to spend money on a brand-new roof earlier than expected.

Routine commercial roof maintenance can help ensure that your roof lasts for many years. This can give you some peace of mind that you won’t have to budget for a new roof any time soon. With cleaning, prompt repairs, and other maintenance tasks, your commercial roof should enjoy a long life.

Save Money Over the Years

Going without any roof maintenance can easily lead to spending a lot of money on repairs, especially as your roof gets older. You might end up needing frequent repairs or a major repair, which can be costly. When you have commercial roof maintenance done, you’ll know when there are minor problems that need to be fixed.

Maintenance makes it easier to notice small roof issues earlier rather than later, so they can be promptly repaired. This can help you save money on the cost of repairs over the years while also helping your roof last longer overall. Having other maintenance tasks done, such as snow removal and roof cleaning, can help prevent problems from occurring.

Protect Your Roof Warranty

Having a roof warranty can provide you with help covering the cost of repairs, as long as that warranty doesn’t become void. While specific details can vary from one roofing manufacturer to the next, your warranty might not be intact if you don’t have regular maintenance and inspections done once a year or as often as the manufacturer requires.
Warranty Box

Setting up commercial roof maintenance can help ensure that your warranty remains valid, so you can use it if you run into certain issues with your roof. Even if your warranty doesn’t require annual maintenance and inspections, these services are an important part of protecting your roof from damage.

Maintain Your Commercial Building’s Value

Having a roof that’s kept clean and in good condition can help you maintain the value of your commercial building. When your roof is out of sight, you may not know that it is covered in algae, dirt, or grime on it. However, a clean roof ensures that moisture is not allowed to accumulate in any one spot which could potentially cause problems. In addition, you should check your insurance policy, some policies require that your roof be inspected annually.

Having a professional set of eyes on your commercial roof occasionally is a great way to stop any problems before they start, and that is great for maintaining the value of your building!

Save on Your Utility Costs

Leaks, poor insulation, and other problems can drive up your energy bills and make it harder to keep your building interior comfortable. When you have commercial roof maintenance done, this helps lower the risk of these problems.

When your roof is in good condition, this can help the inside of your building stay warm in winter or cool in summer without having to keep the furnace or air conditioning running so much. Reducing your utility bills can add up to big savings for your business.

Who to Call for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Handling commercial roof maintenance isn’t a DIY project. Leaving maintenance to local roofing professionals is the best way to ensure your roof gets the care it needs year after year. Letting the pros handle roof maintenance also means you don’t have to risk life and limb going up on the roof.

The experts at Vanguard Roofing can take care of all your commercial roof maintenance needs. From cleaning roofs to doing repairs and removing snow, we can make sure your roof stays in good condition.

If you’re ready to hear more about our roof maintenance plans, please contact Vanguard Roofing. We offer roof cleaning, snow removal, repairs, and more as part of our maintenance plans for customers in the northeastern U.S., including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.