3 Main Things You Should Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

3 Main Things You Should Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

The sage of the mountain is a perennial comic trope. But you don’t need to climb to the top of a mountain to hear words of wisdom from some guru — we can tell you right here, right now, the three main things to know regarding commercial roof maintenance for your property. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance Benefits Your Business

Alongside the guru in comic lore is the shady tour. Suppose a vendor offered you a secret advantage to lower your costs and increase your profits. Your competitors cannot get this advantage. Would you take it? Sure! 

Commercial roof maintenance is such an advantage. And believe us, if you are not benefiting from a maintenance plan and your competitors are, you are the one with the disadvantage. 

A roof maintenance program offers you all these benefits: 

  • Longer roof lifespan 
  • Reduced pressure and time commitments for your facilities crew
  • Lower per-year costs
  • Industry expertise from qualified, highly trained roofers
  • Simplified record-keeping and budgeting

Commercial roof maintenance plans can be custom-tailored to fit your company’s needs and roof. No business is too small or too big to reap the benefits of regular roof maintenance, which always includes:

  • Inspection
  • Documentation
  • Cleaning
  • Routine repair
  • Planning for roof succession

Finally — and perhaps the biggest advantage you can have over your competitors — a closely monitored plan for complete commercial roof maintenance saves you your two most valuable assets: time and money. Avoid emergency calls and their added expense. Reduce time spent looking for last-minute roof repairs. 

Your Commercial Roof is Part of Your Business

You wouldn’t ignore your head and hair in the shower, would you? Do you dismiss them as unconnected to your body? Your commercial roof may seem to just sit there, day after day. Yet your commercial roof protects literally every other part of your business. 

Just as you have plans for expansion, investment, marketing, and employee wellness, you should also have a roof maintenance plan. Maintaining your commercial roof is all about maintaining your entire business

If you allow a single winter to pass with no roofing maintenance, you will discover quickly why regular inspection, repair, cleaning, and maintenance is right for your building. We would say it is not just right for every commercial property. It is essential. It should be part of your entire business plan. 

Your Part in Commercial Roof Maintenance

Another popular comic meme is the irresponsible lightweight. You are not that nitwit. Turning the bulk of commercial roof maintenance over to a highly skilled crew from your nearby roofing contractor does not mean you have lost all responsibility and control of your building. 

You and your facilities crew can still take active roles in keeping your roof intact, free of debris, and ready for winter. 

Some things you can do for your commercial roof, as the manager, include:

  • Keep accurate records.
  • Know the composition and history of your roof.
  • Routinely inspect your roof’s interior (if safe to do so).
  • Keep your roofer’s contact information readily available. 

Roof warranties are valuable instruments, but they can only be implemented if you keep accurate records. A running historical record of roof repairs, conditions, emergencies, and coatings can save your commercial roofer valuable time tracking down water leaks. Handing over to your roofer a complete record of access dates and times can help find the cause of ongoing problems such as cracks around HVAC curbs or clogged internal drains. 

Keeping careful records of your roof’s composition can also ensure correct materials are used in making repairs and patching holes. A leading cause of failures in roof repairs is using unlike materials (TPO adhesives on a PVC roof, for instance). 

If your facilities crew has proper safety gear and training, they can regularly inspect your roof to remove stray bits of organic matter, wind-blown debris, and human-deposited trash. Of course, they should stay on roof walkways and keep well away from your roof edge. Having your facilities crew members familiar with your low-slope roof is helpful in winter, when they may be enlisted to help your roofing contractor with snow removal

Winter is your time to shine as a building manager. You have to listen to your building, be aware of snow loads, keep your eyes open for drainage problems, and keep in close touch with your roofer regarding snow and ice removal. 

The three main things a commercial roof maintenance program offers — benefiting your business, being part of your business, and supplementing your own efforts — are not the only payoffs. You also get peace of mind, restful nights, and much more. 

Your unparalleled partner in commercial roof maintenance is Vanguard Roofing in the tri-state region. Contact us today so we may show you all the ways commercial roof maintenance can boost your bottom line and protect your investments.