Vanguard Roofing was asked to evaluate a government building to see about extending the life of the current roofing system. During the initial inspection, a core cut was also completed. Here is what we found and the solution we provided.

Core cut explained

A core cut is a roof sample of all layers of the roofing system down to the roofing deck. It can provide design information, identify any hazardous materials, the presence of wet roofing components and will identify all materials in the composition of the roof and may allow the roofer to determine the current age of the system. It also provides the roofing company information on whether any existing layers can be salvaged.

What the core cut told us

It was determined that the roofing system was compromised of a Modified Bitumen roofing system. This kind of roofing membrane is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester fiber matting in order to increase durability and strength. It is very durable, weather-resistant, easy to repair, and is flexible allowing it expands and contract. 

Even though the roofing membrane was old it still was viable; however, insulation showed the presence of moisture.

The Vanguard solution

Our solution was to pull back the roofing membrane and add staggered Dens Deck™ (a mold and moisture barrier) in addition to staggered layers of insulation. We then used a restoration coating specifically formulated, and an economical option, for extending the service life of a roof. Plus, it is an ENERGY-STAR® certified single-component waterproofing membrane coating that will not chalk or fade over time, maintaining its reflectivity longer.

Our process

After adding the new Dens Deck™ and insulation, we reused the Modified Bitumen roofing membrane and repaired any open pipe supports and drains which allowed the water to infiltrate and damage the roofing system. We used large dumpster bags for the old insulation and debris which was removed before we coated the main roof.

Next, we applied 1 layer of the roofing coating along the seams, and around the pipe supports, and drains, so would have 2nd layer of the coating when finished. 

We then did the perimeter first for safety reasons. We used blowers as we completed the main area to remove the dust and debris. 

Once completed not only did we extend the life of the roof, we also got them a warranty extension on the roof.

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