How to repair a duro-last roof

How To Repair A Duro-Last Roof

A Duro-Last roof is not like most other single-ply roofs.

Because it is prefabricated in a factory to reduce seams by up to 85 percent, it fits like a velvet glove over your commercial property’s roof deck. Properly installed, it may never need repairing. When it does, though, avoid using your own facilities crew to make repairs on a Duro-Last roof.

Where Repairs Are Needed

In most single-ply roofing, repairs are generally needed at seams, the notorious weak spot in all roofing systems. In Duro-Last roofs, this is seldom the case, since very few seams are done on site. Factory seaming is more controlled, more reliable, and longer lasting than on-site seaming.

The small percentage of on-site seam work in a Duro-Last roof does mean you may face (against the odds) a seam repair in those few spots which had to be tackled on your roof, instead of in a factory.

When Repairs Are Needed

Once you or your facilities crew has spotted a problem in a Duro-Last roof, keep the warranty intact by engaging a qualified, Duro-Last trained roofing contractor to complete the repair. Not all PVC roofing responds equally well to chemical solvents or heat seaming, so repairs must be handled carefully.

Your local, dependable Duro-Last contractor can investigate the repair work, choose the best solution, and generally make the repair quickly and easily. Having the right tools, the correct mil thickness of repair material, and the proper training from Duro-Last makes the job a breeze. Having none of those advantages, your own crew may find the job a nightmare.

Clean Up

If your facilities crew must make an emergency patch in a Duro-Last roof, the proper cleaner/solvent is methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Contact your local roofer to follow up with a real Duro-Last repair.

Check Up

Your own crew can be useful in properly maintaining the roof, in addition to regular check-ups from your commercial contractor. A well-maintained Duro-Last roof protected by regular inspections will far outlast the same Duro-Last roof if neglected. One service call for repair or inspection could pay off handsomely in years of added service.

If your Duro-Last roof is showing signs of trouble, contact the professionals of Vanguard Roofing. Whether tough winters or driving rains have taken their toll, our crews can make speedy repairs, preserve your roof, and offer tips for getting more life out of your investment.