How to Ruin Your Roof -- Delay Snow Removal!

How to Ruin Your Roof: Delay Snow Removal!

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your property as it provides protection from the elements. You want your roof to save you energy expenses and last a long time. One way to prolong the lifespan of your property’s roof is by being proactive when it comes to snow removal.

The Dangers of Delayed Snow Removal; How It Can Cost You in the Long-term

Waiting for the snow on your roof to thaw out from sunshine and wind may seem like a cost-effective approach. However, it may result in costly damages both to your property and the people in it. Here are the dangers and costs of delayed snow removal.

1. Roof Damage and Collapse

Accumulation of wet snow on your roof causes stress on the roof structure due to snow’s weight, which may lead to an eventual collapse. The moisture also accelerates deterioration of roofing materials, weakening the roofing structure. As meltwater freezes in the gutters, joints weaken and the gutters get damaged.

2. Interior Water Damage

Water from the melting snow may seep into the roof and find a way into your building’s interior. The water may then damage the ceiling, walls, and furniture. Water inside the building is also a health hazard and may lead to respiratory diseases.

3. Injury  

When snow accumulates, hanging icicles may form at the edge of the roof. These may injure people if icicles fall. Injuries may also occur if the worst happens and the roof succumbs to the weight of the snow.

4. Loss of Revenue

Snow buildup on your roof may scare away your clients. This may be due to safety concerns from the possibility of the roof collapsing, or the snow falling from the roof. You, therefore, risk losing business and revenue by letting snow sit on your roof.

5. Cumbersome Removal

Leaving the snow to accumulate on your roof will make removal a heavily tasking exercise. This may end up costing you more when you seek professional snow removal services due to the labor-intensive and time-consuming nature of the task.

By putting off snow removal, you set yourself up for costly roof repairs and replacements. You also put the health of everyone in your building at risk.

Signs It Is Time to Remove Snow from your Flat Roof

Shallow-pitch and flat roofs need snow removal services more often than other types of roofs. You should, however, get rid of snow with every 3-6 inches of snowfall. To avoid putting your roof at risk of damage, here are a few tips to help you know when it’s time to contact your snow removal specialist.

After A Heavy SnowFall or When You Observe Massive Load Of Snow

Heavy snowfalls cause massive snow deposits on the roof. You should, therefore, get it removed when it is still fresh and easy to scoop out. Old and new snow and can also combine to quickly exceed the snow-holding capacity of your property’s roof, prompting the need for removal.

Weird Noises from The Roof

When the roof becomes overwhelmed, it might start squeaking and making weird noises due to the weight of snow. This is your building’s cry for help and you need to get the snow removed before it’s too late.

Ice Dams and Signs of Water Damage

Ice dams occur when ice and snow melt then refreeze at the edges of the roof, causing water to build up behind them. The accumulation may cause leakages if the roof has vulnerabilities.

You may also notice patches on your ceiling from water leaking from the roof or cracks on the wall caused by water damage. When you do, it is time to rid your roof of snow.

Hire Professional Snow Removers Instead of Doing It Yourself

First things first, you should never get on the roof to check on the snow or to remove it on your own. It is a risky affair that might result in broken bones or even loss of life in case of a fall. Contact a roofing expert for inspection and snow removal.

Your roofing specialist will access the snow load on your roof and use sophisticated methods and tools to remove it. They will also put in place safety measures to ensure no accidents or damage occur. Don’t risk your safety! Hire professionals to get the job done.

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