How To Understand Preventive Maintenance & Why You Need It

How To Understand Preventive Maintenance & Why You Need It

The roof of your commercial building protects the interior from damage due to water, wind, and other hazards. Normal wear and tear and damage from storms can take a toll on your roof over time. Preventive maintenance helps lower this risk and keeps your roof in excellent condition. 

Reasons to Consider Preventive Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance refers to a scheduled maintenance plan which can help your commercial roof last longer. This means you won’t have to look into replacing your roof sooner than expected. You’ll also have a reduced risk of needing repairs for problems caused by wear and tear or damage.

Keep in mind that some roofing manufacturers require preventive maintenance in order for your warranty to remain in effect. Going without this type of maintenance plan could affect your warranty, leaving you responsible for covering the cost of repairs.

Our local climate in the tri-state area can have a harsh impact on your roof. Snowstorms, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and other weather events can put your roof at risk of damage. Without maintenance, this damage could go undetected over time and turn into more serious damage.

What Preventive Maintenance Includes

A preventive maintenance plan includes a thorough inspection of your roof twice a year. This usually happens once in spring and once in fall. This maintenance plan includes regular repairs of common commercial roof components, such as gutters, drains, flashings, curbs, and vents. 

If your building has a flat roof, preventive maintenance includes special attention given to the surface. Flat roof surfaces have a higher risk of damage or extensive wear and tear due to weathering and standing water. During these maintenance visits, your roofing contractor will check for ponding water, holes or punctures, cracking, blistering and shrinkage. 

If you have any concerns about your roof’s condition, you can bring these up with your contractor. During maintenance visits, your contractor can look into areas you’re concerned about.

When you set up a preventive maintenance plan, you can expect to save money on roofing costs. Your roof will have a lower risk of needing emergency repairs. It will also have an increased lifespan, so you can wait longer before having to replace it. 

If you need to schedule preventive maintenance for your commercial roof, please contact Vanguard Roofing for more information. Our team offers reliable roofing services for customers in New York, Westchester, and Bergen County.