How To Shop for Commercial Roofing Services

How To Shop for Commercial Roofing Services

As a commercial property manager or owner, regular property maintenance is necessary to keep your investments in good operating condition. Maintaining interior systems, such as HVAC, flooring and painting, is also important to the daily comfort and services your clients need. To maximize your property investment, don’t overlook or underestimate the importance of commercial roofing services. Read on to gain insight on how to choose the right roofing company.

Best Business Practices

When you’re speaking with prospective commercial roofing companies, you may notice a stark difference in customer care, roofing services offered, and the work history and experiences that the companies bring to the table. This is true in any industry. So, you want to make sure that, number one, you work with a reputable company that delivers what they claim by checking the following:

  • Licensed: Your roofing contractor should be licensed.
  • Bonded or insured: Confirm your roofing company is bonded or insured, or you may find yourself held financially responsible for property or bodily injury.
  • EIN: Confirm that your contractor has an EIN (Employer Identification Number) on the federal and state levels.
  • References: Check at least three references of prospective commercial roofing contractors you are interviewing.

Complete Cost Analysis

No two roofs are exactly the same. So, each roofing project requires a unique solution. Work with a roofing company that lays out and develops roofing solutions that meet your exacting needs and budget. A unique solution entails a complete cost analysis of all your options for each project, whether a roofing repair, restoration bid, roofing replacement, or if you want long-term property savings with a new “green” roof.

When you work with the right commercial roofing company, you will be more informed and better understand the short- and long-term costs of all of your options.

Customized Maintenance Agreements

Preventive maintenance for your roof should be an important component of your property investment. If your roof is neglected, substantial damage may occur to your building investments by the time you notice telltale signs, such as water stains on walls and ceilings. Your commercial roofing company should submit a preventive maintenance agreement tailored to your needs.

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