Does Your Institutional Building Roof Need Attention? Here's How to Tell

Does Your Institutional Building Roof Need Attention? Here’s How to Tell

The roof on your institutional building protects your property from inclement weather, debris and water damage. When there is damage to your roof, it weakens its ability to protect your property. Institutional roofing is easy to maintain with professional inspections and a proper maintenance plan. Knowing when your roof needs attention is vital to keeping repairs to a minimum.

Signs of Water Damage

When you are inspecting your property, look for discoloration in the ceiling or walls. If water has leaked, it will leave a watermark. Mold or mildew odor in the walls or any sign of mold on the surface may mean a water leak as well.

Signs of Debris Buildup

Look around the property outside. Where water is directed away from the building around downspouts and gutters there should be obvious signs of water after a storm. If water is not being directed away from the building in those areas it may mean that debris has built up around the drains on your institutional roofing and the drains need to be cleared.

Signs of Wind Damage

When you are doing an inspection around the outside of the building, look for any roof debris that may have been torn or ripped from the roof in a windstorm. Metal flashing or gutters are a sign that the gutter system has been damaged. Tears or rips in the roof materials may indicate pieces being blown from the roof. If you notice that type of debris, it is important to have an inspector come by and assess the damage as soon as possible.

A professional inspection is the best way to determine if there has been any damage done to your institutional roofing. If there are any signs of water damage or roof damage around your property, it is important to have an inspector out to make a proper inspection. They will be able to safely go onto the roof and make a visual inspection for damage. If you question whether or not the building sustained any damage after a big storm, that is also a good time to have someone come out and do an inspection. Storms can produce large hail and damaging winds that will move debris onto your roof and cause drains to back up. When the drains back up with standing water, it weakens these areas, giving way to water damage.

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