What to Look for In the Best Commercial Roofers

As a business owner or property manager, you are usually expected to be a fair-to-middling expert on just about everything, including commercial roofing. The reality is, you cannot afford to leave your property’s roof in the hands of an amateur, even if that includes yourself. To find the ideal match in a commercial roofer, you need to know what to look for when interviewing a representative from a roofing company.


Know the commercial roofer’s history, which should include all this:

  • Physical address, working telephone number, and an identifiable headquarters or main shop
  • Appropriate business licenses in all states in which the roofer operates
  • Professional memberships and associations
  • Testimonials
  • References of recent commercial roofing customers
  • Evidence of all insurances needed to protect you from liability
  • Manufacturer affiliations, such as being an approved applicator for a particular material, or being selected as a preferred contractor to install that manufacturer’s product

Vanguard Roofing operates in four states, providing the highest quality of commercial roofing services to businesses, schools, universities and organizations. We can handle any size commercial project, from a corner store to a warehouse.


Establishing a relationship with a commercial roofer means more than the paperwork. You need to feel completely comfortable with the people involved.

Vanguard Roofing’s employees show the confidence and friendly demeanor you like to see in your own employees and can communicate job progress clearly. We strive to make your commercial roof project a success from estimate through final inspection.


The company’s strategy for your roof is as much a part of a successful roofing project as a commercial roofing company’s history.

A quality commercial roofer should have a multi-pronged roofing strategy driving the business. Depending entirely on one roofing material or one type of repair is not helpful. Vanguard Roofing has several approaches for keeping your commercial roofing at peak performance:

  • We thoroughly train our crews to be experts
  • We emphasize safe work habits, resulting in clean job sites and high efficiency
  • We perform repairs in flat roofs, metal roofs and shingle roofs
  • We use advanced technology, such as thermal imaging, to inspect your roof
  • We can provide you with a maintenance plan to preserve the life of your roof

When you are ready to work with a commercial roofing company that understands your needs as a business owner or property manager, contact us at Vanguard Roofing. We look forward to working with you.