Scientifically Maintain Your Flat Roof - Here's How

Scientifically Maintain Your Flat Roof – Here’s How

Part of your job as a commercial property manager is to oversee roof maintenance and keep costs from spiraling out of control.

You can save money with a handy add-on for a Vanguard roof maintenance plan using thermal imaging to detect hot spots or points of weakness on the roof. Although it’s not cutting-edge technology, this solution gives a contractor a sneak peek at your roof they cannot see with their eyeballs.

Being Prepared for Repairs

You will get a head start on flat roof maintenance and repairs by working with experienced professionals who take proactive measures to protect your roof for the future. By maintaining a regular roof maintenance plan that includes routine inspections, Vanguard will always be up-to-date on your roof’s condition. We keep a file on the history of your maintenance records. Preventative roof maintenance is the solution to a maximum lifespan of your commercial roof.

Our regular inspections will allow us to provide you with thorough reports on what your roof system needs. We conduct roofing condition assessments twice a year, inspecting these items and more:

  • parapet walls for defects
  • scuppers, drains, gutters and downspouts
  • roof surfaces and roof membrane
  • flashing details

By implementing our roofing maintenance programs, you will have the ability to prioritize emergency (reactive) and maintenance (proactive) repairs.

What You Can See with Thermal Imaging

A thermal imager allows our roofing experts to accurately determine areas of sub-surface moisture. We provide you with a professional analysis that includes a visual outline of vulnerable roof areas that need repair. It’s crucial to detect moisture contamination before it becomes a major costly issue that spreads throughout your roofing system. An infrared scan and analysis will give you indicators on which roof areas need the closest attention.
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