As a commercial building owner or manager, you no doubt have your hands full with all the day-to-day responsibilities of property management. One way to simplify your job and make your life easier is to partner with a reputable local commercial roofer to create a maintenance plan for your property. Roof maintenance plans can bring you benefits like:

Less Worry About Unexpected Costs

Without a well thought out maintenance plan, you can get hit with unexpected roof-related costs at any time. Working with a dedicated and knowledgeable roofer to develop and implement a roof maintenance strategy for your property allows you to stay ahead of developing issues, so there’s less chance that costly repairs will crop up suddenly.

Streamlined Planning for Routine Roof Care

If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll end up reacting to various concerns with your roof as they’re brought to your attention, and this can waste your valuable time and employee hours as well. Having a proactive plan in place that covers inspections, routine maintenance, preservation measures and necessary repairs allows you to streamline roof care, and ensures that you and your staff know how to respond to different situations that arise.

Ease of Budgeting for a Replacement

The inspections that are included in a roof maintenance plan give your roofing contractor an opportunity to evaluate your roof’s condition and give you an estimate of its remaining lifespan. With this advance warning, you can easily plan and budget for the asset’s eventual replacement, so you won’t be left scrambling to find the funds to cover an unexpected roof failure.

Fewer Safety Concerns

If you task your building maintenance staff with roof care, you may be putting their safety at risk unintentionally. When you hire a professional roofing contractor to handle your roofing needs, you’re assured that their crews know how to work safely on a rooftop, and use the appropriate techniques, procedures and tools to perform maintenance and repairs to limit the risk of accidents and injuries.

Peace of Mind About Warranty Compliance

If your roof system is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, having a maintenance plan in place with a certified roofing contractor can ensure you’re in full compliance if and when you need to file a warranty claim.


To learn how developing a roof maintenance plan for your New York property can free up your time for other priorities, contact us today at Vanguard Roofing.

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