Commercial and industrial roofs in the Tri-State area are built to last for several years. However, they will end up needing to be replaced at some point. Since roof replacement for commercial and industrial buildings is costly, it’s important to take steps toward making your roof last as long as possible.

How do you prolong the life of your roof? Investing in preventative maintenance is the most effective way to ensure your roof lasts for many years before needing a replacement. Learn more about how maintenance can benefit you.

Benefits of Preventative Roof Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance plays an essential role in helping your roof last longer. With this type of maintenance, your roofing contractor can catch problems early and make prompt repairs. This helps lower the risk of having minor problems turn into expensive repairs.

Maintenance for your commercial or industrial roof also helps lower the effects of wear and tear. Your roof can gradually deteriorate over the years, which reduces its performance and ability to protect your building interior from damage. Having preventative maintenance helps minimize wear and tear, so your roof won’t reach its life expectancy early.

During preventative roof maintenance, you’ll have the opportunity to bring up any concerns you have about your commercial or industrial roof. For example, if you’re wondering about the condition of an older roof, you can discuss your concerns with your roofing specialist at your next maintenance visit. Bringing up these concerns or potential issues helps ensure you stay informed about the condition of your roof overall.

What to Expect from Preventative Roof Maintenance

When you schedule preventative roof maintenance for your commercial or industrial building, what does it include? Maintenance plans typically have several services included. You can expect your maintenance plan to include the following services:

  • Roof history file with maintenance records and roof composition records
  • Roof inspections
  • Proactive or maintenance repairs to lower the risk of developing major problems
  • Preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of damage or other issues with your roof
  • Reactive or emergency repairs as needed
  • Roof Condition Assessment which includes inspections of several parts of your commercial or industrial roof, such as drains, flashing, surfaces, membranes, parapet walls, gutters, downspouts, and scuppers

Cost of Preventative Roof Maintenance

‘How much does roof maintenance cost?’ you may be asking. The cost you’ll end up paying will depend on a few different factors. Knowing more about these factors can help you estimate how much you can expect to pay for preventative roof maintenance.

  • Larger commercial or industrial roofs typically add to the overall cost of maintenance, since there are more components to inspect and repair as needed. A larger roof also has more surface areas, which can increase the risk of damage from storms, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • The type of roof your building has also affects the cost of maintenance. For example, a flat roof is more vulnerable to water damage due to ponding and might require maintenance more often.
  • Certain kinds of commercial and industrial roofing materials need less maintenance than others. Metal roofs, for example, usually do not need as much maintenance over the years compared to slate or asphalt shingle roofs. Your cost for preventative maintenance overall should be lower when your roofing material is one that doesn’t need as much maintenance over the years.
  • The age of your roof can have a big impact on the cost of preventative maintenance. Older roofs might need maintenance more often than newer roofs since they have a higher likelihood of developing problems due to wear and tear. You should keep in mind that even with a higher cost for maintenance on an older roof these services can help prolong its life.

Preventative Roof Maintenance with Vanguard Roofing

At Vanguard Roofing, we offer preventative roof maintenance services to help you prolong the life of your commercial or industrial roof. Our team of roofing specialists will complete a Roof Condition Assessment before and after winter each year to thoroughly evaluate your roof. During this assessment, we complete a checklist and take photos to include in your roof composition records.

When you choose Vanguard Roofing for your commercial or industrial roof maintenance needs, you can count on us to help keep your roof in excellent condition. With each visit, we’ll let you know about any proactive or reactive repairs we’ve done. Our roofing specialists will also help you determine how often you need preventative maintenance based on the age and condition of your roof.

If you need to set up roof maintenance for your commercial or industrial property in the Tri-State area, please contact Vanguard Roofing today.