As a commercial property owner or manager, one of your main priorities is protecting the value of your property’s assets. Since your roof is a costly building component that shields the entire structure from the weather, it makes good fiscal sense to develop a sound strategy for roof care. An experienced commercial roofing specialist is your best source for advice on the exact care your roof needs, but in general, an effective strategy includes regular inspections, routine maintenance, timely repairs, effective preservation measures and planning for a future replacement.

Roof Maintenance Plans Provide Tangible Benefits

A key benefit of implementing a well-developed roof maintenance plan is that it allows you to maximize the ROI on your roof by protecting it and the building it covers from deterioration. Some of the other benefits you’ll gain include:

Paying for Minor Vs. Major Repairs

Monitoring the condition of your commercial roof consistently, taking care of routine preventive maintenance and making repairs to correct developing problems promptly can let you avoid big repair bills and keep your roof-related expenditures in check.

Saving on Insurance Premiums and Stress

Taking good care of your roof can lower the risk that your insurer will have to pay out related claims, and depending on your particular insurer, this may qualify you for a discount on your annual property coverage premiums. If your roof gets damaged and you have to file an insurance claim, having documentation that the roof is properly maintained can also make the claim process smoother and faster.

Prolonging the Roof’s Useful Service Life

The roof on your property takes the brunt of the harsh weather we experience here in the Amherst area, so it’s eventually going to wear out and need replacement. It’s been proven that a well-maintained roof can last years longer than one that’s neglected, and prolonging your roof’s lifespan translates into cost savings each year, as well as more time to plan and budget for its eventual replacement.

Keeping Your Material Warranty Intact

Depending on the age of your roof, the material may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturer warranties have a required maintenance clause, so if you ignore routine roof care, you might lose out on a valid reimbursement claim if the material is defective or fails prematurely.

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