The seven states in Vanguard Roofing’s service area all feel the brisk chill of winter. Along with that invigorating, fresh winter air, though, we get snow, ice, and plunging temperatures. Commercial roofs, like all roofs, feel the impact of cold weather. Is your commercial roof ready for the arrival of winter?

Plan Ahead

The time to prepare for winter is during the spring, summer and autumn. Spring, plan for a semiannual inspection that helps you recover from last winter’s wear on your roof.

Summer, schedule preventive maintenance to stop water leaks before they start, secure flashing against winter’s whipping winds, and apply heat-sensitive products like waterproof coatings and seam sealers.

In autumn, your second semiannual inspection will get your commercial roof ready for the ice and snow to come. This is the time for last-minute repairs and upgrades.

Prepare for the Worst

Weather throughout the northeast is almost always very cold with periods of intense snow, some melting and then plunging temperatures again. That is, pardon the expression, the perfect storm for water infiltration. Freeze and thaw cycles will do more damage to your roof than a steady three months of deep-packed snow.

Assume the winter ahead will be the worst, ever. Plan on your roof taking a real beating, so that when spring arrives and your roofer inspects, you are braced for bad news.  

Win Against Winter

Part of the strategy for fighting winter’s effects on a commercial roof is to develop a three-pronged approach:

  • Repair — Repair any small issues promptly during working months, from spring through early autumn; drainage, flashing, mechanical fasteners, membrane, HVAC curbs
  • Clean — Clean your roof to allow ease of inspection before winter
  • Clear — Keep your low-slope roof clear of any obstacles for easy snow removal

Work with the Best

Partner with a local, dependable roofer to help your commercial property survive the winter. Draw on some 47 years of experience dealing with 47 winters by working with Vanguard Roofing.

By engaging with us well before the first flake, your property will be under the care of our experienced roofers. They will know exactly what problem areas will take the worst punishment from freeze and thaw, from thick ice, or from heavy snow loads.

Contact us today at Vanguard Roofing. We can help lay out a schedule to get your commercial property’s roof winter-ready and able to take whatever Mother Nature dishes out.