Thermal Imaging for energy efficiency, thermal imaging roof scan

Infrared Thermal Imaging Roof Scan

Utilizing a Thermal Imager, Vanguard can determine areas of sub-surface moisture with accuracy and confidence. Our professional analysis report provided to the building owner/manager is a visual outline of affected areas, so that roof maintenance can be directly implemented to address invisible water infiltration in the roofing substructure.








Infrared Drone Scanning

The team at Vanguard Roofing is happy to be able to offer the latest in infrared drone scanning for our thermal imaging services. In using a drone, our roof technicians are able to provide a thorough roof inspection in less time than a standard inspection would take. A basic thermal analysis could take days to complete, depending on the size of your commercial building. Our drone scanning capabilities will help to cut down the time of the inspection process to as little as a few hours. The use of efficient infrared technology will do wonders in setting your roofing project on the fast track to timely completion with a quality outcome.






Thermal Imaging Detects Water Infiltration & Heat Escapethermal imaging, heat loss imaging, roof scan, roof maintenance plan

Our Thermal Analysis provides the building owner/manager the knowledge to make informed roofing decisions whether they are regarding roof leak repairs, remedial roof repairs, or re-roofing.

It is our recommendation, based on our years of experience maintaining flat roofing systems, that an Infrared Scan is part of a roof’s maintenance schedule, to address moisture contamination before it causes additional problems to develop throughout the entire roofing system.






Make it Part of Your Roof Maintenance Plan

We also offer this Infrared Scan and Analysis as an independent service.

This additional protection will afford any building owner/manager some peace of mind in knowing there will be minimal problems with regard to their existing roofing.

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