4 Ways To Manage Your Commercial Roof Efficiently

Your commercial property’s roof is a costly and critically important asset, and its value goes well beyond the cost of replacement because it protects the entire structure from the elements. Efficiently managing your commercial roof is the key to ensuring it reaches its full, useful lifespan with a minimal amount of time and cash investment on your part. Here are four effective strategies that you can implement for efficient roof management:

Utilize the Services of a Skilled Local Roofer

To properly manage your roof, it’s vital to connect with a dependable commercial roofing contractor who is well-versed in installing, repairing, and maintaining your particular type of roof system. A reliable roofer can make it much easier to properly care for your roof by providing essential services and targeted advice. First and foremost, they can perform inspections of the entire roof system on a semi-annual basis, as well as after any potentially damaging weather event. The information provided by timely inspections is crucial to keep your roof watertight so you avoid unnecessary headaches and expenses in the future.

Prioritize Maintenance and Needed Repairs

Every inspection report you receive should include details of any roof defects found and a prioritized list of recommended repairs and maintenance procedures. The recommendations should cover routine maintenance your staff can complete, like removing debris, checking for proper drainage, removing pooling water after rain storms, and keeping surrounding trees well-trimmed. Your roofer might also recommend appropriate measures to restore and preserve your roof, such as having it professionally cleaned or applying a waterproof coating.

Factor Roof Care Into Your Budget

Along with guidance on the steps you need to take to keep your roof in good repair, your inspection reports will provide cost breakdowns so you can easily plan ahead

and budget for ongoing roof care. Your roofer can also advise you on an amount to set aside for an eventual replacement based on your roof’s current condition and estimated lifespan.

Keep Up-to-Date Roof-Related Records

Maintaining roof-related records consistently so they’re complete and always up-to-date can save valuable time for both you and your roofing contractor. You should include your original roof plan/specifications and any modifications made, rooftop equipment installations, inspection reports, maintenance checklists, repair work orders, and material or workmanship warranty information.

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