A Deep Dive Into Carlisle Roofing Materials For Commercial Roof Applications

Various aspects determine the performance and longevity of a roof. The quality of the roofing materials is among the most important factors. At Vanguard, we maintain our commitment to providing exceptional products by utilizing Carlisle roofing materials for commercial roofs

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If you are a commercial building owner or manager unfamiliar with their products, then don’t worry. Below is a look into the manufacturer’s roofing solutions and reasons why we use them for our commercial roof systems. 

What Are Carlisle Roofing Materials for Commercial Roofs?

Carlisle is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of a range of roofing solutions. With over a century of manufacturing experience, the company is at the forefront of innovative, reliable, and sustainable roofing products. At Vanguard, we understand that a commercial roof installation is a significant investment.

For this reason, we source top-of-the-line materials from the best manufacturers. Carlisle Syntec Systems provides the level of quality we demand for our commercial roof system installations. Our primary roofing materials include TPO, EPDM, and liquid-applied waterproofing systems.

A roofing project in progress on a Salvation Army building.

Carlisle’s TPO membrane is a highly durable single-ply waterproofing product for flat industrial roofs. In commercial buildings, water damage can inflict significant costs, making the use of vital, waterproof materials crucial for prevention. It can resist a wide range of weather elements, punctures, aging, and UV radiation. 

The TPO waterproofing system is the ideal choice if your building is located in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions. Additional features include excellent reflectivity, which is great for energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. The system is suitable for both new and refurbished roofs.

EPDM waterproofing membrane is a long-life synthetic rubber used on our flat roofing systems. Carlisle provides an excellent product that meets and exceeds industry standards. The product line also includes adhesives, primers, expansion joints, and more. 

Rubber roofing on a commercial building.

The membrane offers several benefits for roofing applications:

It is resistant to weathering and aging, which ensures a long service life. The material is flexible, allowing for simple and fast installation. Also, it provides an aesthetic finish that requires very little maintenance. Lastly, the EPDM membrane is environmentally friendly and suited for green roofing.

Vanguard also employs Carlisle’s cold-applied liquid roofing membrane for our single-ply commercial roofs. This material offers quick installation that doesn’t require heat or flames. 

The cold-applied membrane is air and watertight, provides a seamless finish, and features UV protection. Our commercial flat roofs that use this waterproofing system boast high performance, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. 

Why We Use Carlisle Roofing Products

There are various reasons why Vanguard prefers Carlisle roofing materials for our commercial roofs. Most importantly, the company provides top-quality construction materials built to last. 

As such, our commercial roof systems are resistant to a wide range of weather elements. These include moisture, temperature extremes, strong winds, and UV light. We remain confident that our roofing solutions will offer reliable and long service lives.

Carlisle products provide some of the best roofing performance you can get. We offer our customers excellent value in functionality, weatherproofing, and insulation. The roofing materials also meet relevant building codes and standards.

The manufacturer also considers ease of maintenance and repair when designing their products. Proper maintenance ensures you get the most out of your roof as a commercial building owner. We install flat roofing systems that make it easy for you to carry out maintenance tasks.

Carlisle stands by the quality of their products. The company ensures the longevity of its materials through its extended warranties. This is a crucial consideration when sourcing any construction materials. 

Compatibility is another reason why we use Carlisle products. It’s crucial that roofing materials work well with other components we utilize. The materials mentioned above fit perfectly with all other aspects of our installation processes. This ensures seamless installation, good roof performance, and easy maintenance.

By utilizing Carlisle roofing materials, Vanguard can offer you more value. You have access to best-in-class commercial roof systems at competitive prices. We can guarantee durable flat roofs with long service lives and minimal need for repairs or maintenance. Adding up these factors means we can offer our customers cost-efficient solutions.

New roofing material installed on a commercial roof in New York.

Lastly, we are conscious of our footprint on the environment. Using sustainable products, we aim to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. Carlisle shares this commitment and prioritizes sustainability and greener solutions.

Whether you own or manage a commercial building, you can’t overlook the importance of quality roofing materials. We don’t compromise in this regard at Vanguard, nor should you. We always utilize the best products from established manufacturers. We stand proudly behind our industry-leading commercial roofing services in the Northeast United States. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or learn more about our commercial roofing solutions.