3 New Year's Actions to Benefit your Roof

3 New Year’s Actions to Benefit Your Roof

The arrival of the new year is worth celebrating, because it means there are only roughly three more months of harsh winter weather that can adversely affect the roof on your commercial property. Taking the following three actions this January can help keep your roof in the best possible condition now and all year long:

Monitor Rooftop Conditions Consistently

When the weather is frightful and you’re concerned about keeping your building’s entryways, walkways and parking lot free of snow and ice, monitoring your frozen roof may not seem like a top priority. Ignoring conditions on your building’s rooftop can have costly consequences, though, so it’s vital that you monitor the amount of accumulated snow and ice to determine when it’s necessary to clear the roof, and watch for drainage issues during mild spells that can quickly develop into damaging interior leaks. Winter creates slippery surfaces and hidden rooftop hazards that pose significant safety concerns, so extra care must be taken whenever your maintenance staff ventures up to check the roof.

Approach Snow Removal With Caution

Knowing when to tackle rooftop snow removal is just half of the battle, because it takes knowledge and skill to remove snow safely and effectively. That’s why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) advises hiring a licensed roofing professional who knows the best practices for rooftop snow removal like:

  • Leaving two inches of snow on the rooftop to protect the membrane from damage.
  • Using appropriate equipment and deicing/snow melt products that won’t harm the membrane.
  • Clearing snow drifts first, then proceeding from the center on a flat roof, and clearing from the ridge to the eaves on a pitched roof.
  • Keeping entryways, fire exits/escapes, downspouts and vents unobstructed.
  • Disposing of cleared snow in a pre-designated area on the ground.

Partner With a Reputable Roofer Now

Dependable, experienced commercial roofers are generally extremely busy helping their customers after any major winter weather event, so you need to connect with a reputable contractor before rooftop problems develop. Partnering with a knowledgeable roofer now not only ensures that you have help standing by if a roofing emergency occurs mid-winter, but it also gives you access to expert advice about preventing common winter rooftop woes, like frozen/blocked drains, over-stressed structural components or leaks into your building’s interior.

For more expert advice or to arrange skilled rooftop snow removal services for your Amherst-area commercial property, contact us at Vanguard Roofing.