How To Protect Your Community With Roofing Services

How To Protect Your Community With Roofing Services

Our medical facilities and schools are critical modules of our community. They provide healthcare, education, and employment to hundreds of thousands of people. Having a healthy facility is the key to community health. It is important to ensure these buildings are in excellent condition at all times so they can provide a safe and comfortable environment for healthcare providers, patients, students, teachers, and employees alike.

Vanguard Roofing is proud to provide community protection through roofing for schools, universities, medical facilities, and other community buildings in the Mid-Hudson Region. Our team has the training, experience, and tools needed to get any job completed with the quality, attention, and speed you deserve.

We understand that your roofing project may need to be completed while the doors are open and people are moving around. As such, we try our best to be “invisible” and complete our work quickly and quietly without disrupting day-to-day activities. What’s more, we’ll maintain a safe environment and you won’t have to worry about privacy and access control because we take such aspects into account. Let us take care of you while you are taking care of others.

Roof Maintenance and Repair

The roof over your medical facility, school, or university takes a lot of abuse day in and day out. Harsh natural elements, rooftop traffic, physical damage, and neglect take their toll on a roof’s integrity and cause it to wear down and deteriorate faster. If a roof is not properly maintained and repaired, it can create many problems for your facility.

Vanguard’s goal is to keep your roof in top shape and help it meet its expected lifespan with a customized maintenance plan. You can expect us to thoroughly inspect your roof, clean debris, clear drain clogs, check common weakness areas, detect and take photos of damages, and address maintenance issues and damage. Let us help you avoid premature roof replacement and ensure your workers, patients, or students are in a safe environment.

Roof Repair

Even the best roof is not immune to damage caused by harsh weather, heavy snow, storm damage, fallen tree, faulty installation, or a loose screw from a sloppy HVAC installation. A seemingly small roof problem can interrupt day-to-day operations, result in structural and equipment damage, and slow down the workflow. Roof damage should be addressed immediately to prevent problems from escalating into disastrous and costly expenses.

No matter the scope of the project, Vanguard Roofing can help you protect your building and everyone in it. We have repair teams readily available to fix your roof, minimize damage, and save you money. We will work tirelessly to complete the roof repair project with minimal disruption so you can continue with your day-to-day business.

Don’t waste time if your flat, metal, slate, or shingle roof is showing signs of damages, such as flashing separation, ponding water, punctures, ridging and splitting, roof or ceiling leaks, loose or missing fasteners, coating cracks, blow off and billowing, or membrane rips.

Roof Replacement

The roof over your school, university, or hospital won’t last forever. While our roof maintenance and repair services can extend the roof’s lifespan, eventually the time will come when there will be a need for a new roofing system. Common signs you need a flat roof replacement include aging roof, missing pieces of roofing material, leaking ceiling, bubbling or blistering on the roof surface, multiple roof holes, torn vapor barrier, and pooling water.

If the building you manage needs a new flat roof, trust the installation to Vanguard Roofing. We have over 48 years of experience installing flat, metal, and slate roofs throughout the Mid-Hudson region. Our partnership with major roofing system manufacturers and our highly experienced crews makes us a great choice for the longevity of your new roof.

We’ll explain everything to you in writing and provide an honest timeframe and pricing. What’s more, we can replace your school or hospital’s roofing system without disrupting day-to-day activities. We are here to protect the hospital and everything in it. Healthy communities and safe buildings go hand in hand.

Green Roofing Solutions

The demand for sustainable technology and green roofing systems has increased in the past decade or so. One of the factors that have driven this demand is a growing prevalence of environmental concerns by the public.

Green roofs can contribute positively to issues surrounding biodiversity and climate change. They also offer financial benefits to building owners in the form of lower energy costs, lower maintenance costs over the life of the roof, and potential tax benefits.

At Vanguard Roofing, we offer a range of eco-friendly roofing products including Energy Star rated photovoltaic systems, and reflective roofing coatings and membranes. What’s more, our staff regularly attends conferences, tradeshows, and electric/solar seminars to stay up-to-date with new technologies and products. Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint goes beyond the finished product. We strive to help preserve our natural resources and take responsibility for future generations at the same time.

If you’re interested in switching to green roofing for your school, university, or healthcare premises, we are the roofing specialist you can trust for installation, maintenance, and repair.

Thermal Imaging Roof Scan

Water intrusion is your roof’s number one enemy and if it’s not detected and addressed early, it can result in a rotted or rusted roof deck, mold growth, and extensive damage to the building’s structure, equipment, and inventory. One of the best ways to take care of your roof is to take a proactive approach, including the use of thermal imaging roof scans.

Thermal imaging measures variations in the roof’s surface temperature and detects heat held by moisture in the roof. Typically, the roof heats up during the day and cools down at dusk, but wet areas beneath the membrane will retain heat longer. The cameras create detailed maps that show where there is excess moisture or where there is a source of a leak.

After performing a thermal imaging roof scan, we’ll provide you with a detailed report and an itemized proposal to correct issues. We’ll also provide images so you can see potential weak spots, leak locations, and other areas of concern. We’re committed to helping you maximize the useful life of the roof over your educational or medical facility.

Snow & Ice Removal

Snowstorms in the Northeast can add the weight of snow and ice to roofs very quickly. Excessive accumulation of snow and ice can have devastating effects on a flat or low-sloped roof, weakening structural components and causing exponential damage to roofing materials. The additional weight can also put too much stress on the roof, causing cracks, sagging, and even collapse.

Flat and low-sloped roofs are built to sustain weight, but if the snow load exceeds a roof’s weight capacity or if the construction was done poorly, it can cause unexpected failure of the roof or entire structure. A roof collapse can cause significant damage, halt or reduce productivity, endanger the lives of students, employees, and patients, damage the facility and its content, and lead to huge financial losses.

When it comes to snow and ice removal from your roof, it must be removed by roofing specialists who have the expertise, tools, and safety equipment to complete the job properly and safely. At Vanguard Roofing, we understand your roofing system and know how to remove snow without causing damage or instability in the roof.

Don’t wait for too long! Engage us early in the season and we’ll be there when our service is required. What’s more, we’ll return regularly to make sure the water is flowing down drains and not forming a pool on your flat roof. Let us help you stay ahead of snow load problems and protect the community through snow and ice removal services.

For flat/low-slope roof replacement, maintenance, and repair services in the Mid-Hudson Region, contact Vanguard Roofing to learn more about how we can help you protect the community or to get a free estimate.