Around Wappingers Falls, every business has choices in selecting a commercial roofer. How you go about picking the perfect partner for your commercial roof is a matter of personal preference, but some basic, foundational truths apply.

Local Ties

A good commercial roofer is proud to be part of a community. When vetting roofers, ask if they are part of a national chain or are tied to the area through family, community action and local ownership.

A local company should also have the years of local experience needed to know the area. What weather patterns, building trends and construction projects drive local markets? A commercial roofer with, say, 40 years of experience working in and among Wappingers Falls businesses is preferable to a startup roofer recently relocated from another state.


A high-quality commercial roofer will also be part of local and national affiliations. Consider the level of interaction and involvement needed to be connected to these organizations:

  • The Northeastern Subcontractors Association
  • Orange County Chamber of Commerce
  • North/East Roofing Contractors Association
  • Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce
  • National Roofing Contractors Association
  • Building Owners and Managers Association
  • Association for Facilities Engineering

Beyond the Roof

A really exceptional commercial roofer will go above and beyond simply selling and installing roofs. A typical business strategy for top-tier roofers will be to offer the customer far more than other companies:

  • Powerful, valuable commercial roofing warranties that last up to 25 years
  • A planned preventive maintenance agreement
  • Options for eco-friendly green roofing solutions
  • An accurate, tracked bidding process for peace of mind

Couple these qualities with friendly customer service and you have a worthwhile commercial roofing contractor worthy of working on your company’s roof.

We hope you will agree that Vanguard Roofing rises to the level of the area’s best commercial roofing contractor. We are unafraid for you to vet us using the highest standards. Ask to see our proof of insurance, or gallery of completed projects, and names of references. We think you will agree, your best strategy for finding the best roofer is to contact Vanguard Roofing today.

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