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Can A Solar Company Replace Your Roof Or Will You Need To Hire A Roofing Contractor? Find Out Here:

Since the dawn of time, the sun has played an integral role in every life that exists. It is a source of food, energy, light, and much more. Today, it is possible to harness the sun’s power in myriad ways. Solar arrays are one of the most effective and efficient ways to draw power from the sun. You can have a solar company install arrays to maximize power collection.

Until recent years, few people had the idea of incorporating solar panels into the roof. Instead of letting the roof soak in all the sun, you can now capitalize on the empty space on the rooftop.

How exactly do you incorporate solar panels into an already existing roof? More importantly, can this operation be executed by the solar company, or will you need professional roofers? Read on for more information on solar panel installation on the roof.

Can a solar company replace your roof?

As mentioned above, installing solar on the roof is an excellent way of supplementing the power needs for the building. Your first call will likely be to a solar installation service provider because of the complex nature of adding solar to your existing structure. They will take care of the energy requirements for your building and let you know the energy production potential from the area you have available.

Next, you’ll want to call a reputable roofer with experience making solar-ready roofs in your area. The roofer will inspect your roof to see if it meets the requirements of a new solar array. For instance, you do not want to add a new solar array to a roof that is ending its lifespan. They should do core cuts to see if your roof can support an array. The core cuts will also help them determine whether your roof needs another layer. Perhaps your roof just needs a tune-up or a coating that will reflect the sun back into the arrays. When it comes to replacing your roof, you want to work with an expert who understands what they’re doing. The same goes for solar installation.

Preparing your roof for solar

A roof is a long-term investment and can easily last for decades. When you install your roof, you want to forget about it until you’re maintaining or replacing it.

At Vanguard Roofing, we ensure your roofing needs are met from the get-go. For instance, before we begin the roofing process, we’ll consider factors like future solar installation, HVAC maintenance, and overall accessibility.

Working with the roofing experts

Every step of the roofing process is integral and needs specialized care. This is the only way to ensure you end up with a quality and durable roof. If your building or

structure receives adequate sunlight during the day, you should consider solar panel installation. However, before starting, check with a reputable roofing expert. 

Are you based in the Northeast United States? The sunlight you get most of the year is more than enough to supplement your power needs. Contact Vanguard Roofing today and get started on making your roof solar-ready today!