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The Best Solution For Your Roof Maintenance Needs

A roof system is one of the most important parts of your building’s exterior. It has to endure weather elements such as snow, hail, rain, wind, and UV radiation. But how do you ensure its performance isn’t affected? Do you have to keep on replacing your entire New York roof once it’s destroyed? […]

March 18th, 2019|Roof Maintenance, Roofing|

What You Should Do When Your Commercial Roof Has A Leak

Several factors can cause a leak in your commercial roof from poor drainage to damaged flashing, and more. No matter what the cause, taking quick action is necessary to prevent the damage from becoming severe. What else should you do when your commercial roof leaks? Here’s a closer look.


February 11th, 2019|Roofing|

How To Know Snow On The Roof Is Good Or Bad

The snow can come fast and furious during New England winters and seemingly accumulate in the blink of an eye. […]

February 4th, 2019|Roofing|

When Snow Can Cause Your Roof To Leak

Snow can be quite heavy, ranging from 3-5 pounds per square foot. The average commercial roof can support up to 4 feet of fresh snow before becoming strained. […]

January 28th, 2019|Roofing|

Vanguard Stops Leaks At Their Source

Vanguard was asked to inspect the roof area and make recommendations. Here’s what we found and how we fixed it.


December 17th, 2018|News, Roofing|

How To Repair A Duro-Last Roof

A Duro-Last roof is not like most other single-ply roofs.


December 3rd, 2018|News|

How To Know Your Roof Replacement Is Covered By Insurance

Whenever you deal with contractors, have a clear understanding of what your roof insurance covers.


November 19th, 2018|News|

What Makes Duro-Last So Special

If your commercial property needs a new roof, you need to consider a Duro-Last roofing system. We believe it’s the best single-ply PVC membrane available for some compelling reasons.


November 12th, 2018|News|

How To Know If Duro-Last Is The New Roof For You

If you have worked in facilities management for any time at all, you have heard the name Duro-Last. The company’s PVC roofing is unparalleled, but sometimes a little review helps refresh even the sharpest memory. Let’s explore some fundamentals of this time-honored, incredibly strong roofing membrane.


October 29th, 2018|News|

Does Your Warehouse Need A Roof Replacement Or A Repair?

The roof on your warehouse plays an essential role in keeping your building safe from the elements. When you’re having problems with your roof your building can become more vulnerable to damage from rain, snow, ice, and wind. Should you schedule repairs for your warehouse, or is it time to have it replaced with a new roof? […]

October 15th, 2018|Roofing|