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What Is Commercial Roof Flashing And Why Is It Important?

The first day on the job as a commercial roofer, every technician learns the difference between flashing on a roof and flashing in a public park. One usually results in watertight protection. The other usually results in an arrest. So just what is roof flashing, and what does it do?  […]

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How Can I Know If I Received A High-Quality Roof Inspection?

We could start this piece by telling roofing jokes, but we’re worried they’ll all be over your head. Anyway, do you ever get the feeling somebody knows something they are not telling you? You know: roof inspections; avoiding ripoffs; the insider’s track. “Oh, I know a guy who has a friend who can get you a real roof inspection.” No worries! Here’s how to spot a genuine, all-important roof inspection.  […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Do you spend money on your business’s commercial roof? Whether you put a check in the mail or not, you are spending money on your roof through unseen and often unnoticed expenses. Items like lower energy efficiency, shorter life span, and poor indoor air quality all take a toll on your bottom line. Why get a roof inspection? We can think of at least three great reasons.  […]

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Cool Roof can cut your energy usage

As reported by a Columbia University Study, the concept of “cool roof” can cut your energy usage.

The concept is very straight forward rather have a black (dark) roof which absorbs the sun’s rays and increase the building temperature, painting a highly reflective coating on the roof surface will reflect the rays away from the building  […]

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How to increase your commercial building lease rate.

Roofing systems used to have one goal to keep elements out of your building.    As building owners it is more important than ever to distinguish your building as a prime leasing space by adapting new technologies and becoming more Energy Efficient.  So your roofing system needs to do more than just protect your building.

Your roofing […]

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Why are walk pads important on commercial roofs?

Walk pads are highly recommended to protect your commercial roof in high traffic areas and may protect your roof warranty .   I know you are thinking do I have a high traffic area on my roof. The answer is yes.  Every time your roof top HVAC and communication units are serviced you have people […]

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