two people walking by solar panels with the caption Why Solar Energy Is Important For Your Commercial Property

Why Solar Energy Is Important For Your Commercial Property

High demand for electrical power, rising electricity costs, and ample roof space provided by commercial buildings make Solar Energy Systems (SES) a sensible investment. Solar energy is a plentiful energy source with significant financial and environmental benefits. Installing solar panels on the roof of a state-run commercial property gives these three benefits:

  1. creates an efficient way of collecting natural energy
  2. puts an otherwise unused space to good use
  3. helps you move away from solely relying on grid electricity

Renewable Power Source

Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy which originates from the sun – an inexhaustible source. Unlike fossil fuels which are finite and take years to replenish, solar energy will never run out for as long as we have the sun. The sun’s power is available every day and can be harnessed and used in all areas of the world.

Low Environmental Impact

Solar energy systems can generate energy without emitting toxic greenhouse gases such as:

  • carbon dioxide
  • nitrogen oxides
  • methane
  • sulfur oxide
  • fluorinated gases

These gases are released during fossil fuel combustion, which produces electricity. In addition to being the primary cause of air pollution and climate change, greenhouse gases and other contaminants can trigger cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.

When you power your commercial property with solar energy, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Save on Energy Costs

Using the electricity generated by your commercial SES to meet your facility’s energy needs can reduce or eliminate an expensive energy bill. This can result in significant savings for decades. You get the opportunity to boost cash flow when less money goes to the power company.

Great Return on Investment

If you’ve been considering installing solar panels on your commercial property, consider it an investment, not an expense. On average, commercial property owners pay off their solar install cost in 7 to 8 years. Then, you’ll continue to receive free electricity for the remainder of your system’s lifespan.

Take Advantage of Financial Incentives

Federal and state governments and various organizations offer financial incentives and solar tax credits to make solar more accessible and encourage the continued adoption of solar energy. State-run facilities can access a multitude of programs to help cover the cost of installing a solar system. Visit Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE®) to learn more about solar incentives available in the Tri-State region.

Whether you’re considering a solar energy system now or in the future, Vanguard can help get your roof solar ready to ensure it can comfortably handle the SES load and reflectivity needs. Contact us today to schedule a free roofing inspection.